Equestrian Industry Pulls Together to Show Support for #blueforbonnie

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Equestrian Industry Pulls Together to Show Support for #blueforbonnie

#blueforbonnie – Following the tragic loss of young Bonnie Armitage thousands of #blueforbonnie tweets and social shares, from as far as Canada have been circulating social media.

Bonnie was fatally injured whilst out riding on Saturday during a hunt in the Cotswolds. The nine-year-old received the fatal blow while riding her much loved Shetland pony.

Despite initial internet trolls posting unnecessary comments on a anti-hunting social media page, the equestrian industry has stepped out in force to show their support to the young girl and her family.

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Our sponsored riders along with others show their support

Our thoughts are with Bonnie’s family.

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Author: Suzanne Ashton Founder, Everything Horse email: sashton@everythinghorseuk.co.uk