Elevator Equestrian launch four new bridle designs

Elevator Equestrian new The Burghley Bridle

The original and best comfort bridle from Elevator Equestrian has got even better with four new and updated designs!

British brand Elevator Equestrian has unveiled a new line of anatomical bridles which are designed to elevate horse performance by providing exceptional comfort. The Elevator Elite range comprises four new designs – the Ascot, Burghley, Hickstead and Olympia – which are based on four traditional bridle and noseband styles which the brand has updated using the latest research into bridle fit.

At a time when there is ever more awareness of the impact of poor bridle fit on the sensitive structures of the horse’s face and poll, the new Elevator Elite range offer owners not only a new and improved anatomical headpiece but new noseband designs too.

Elevator’s director Jo Forrester spent several years carefully researching the impact of bridle pressure on horse comfort and performance, examining where the most sensitive areas of the face are and where nerves run close to the skin. She then created prototypes which have been tested and perfected to create the four final bridle designs in the Elite range.


The Elevator Elite bridles are all crafted from strong and supple English leather and a handy ‘build a bridle’ tool on the website ensures customers can choose the colour, size, browband style, cheekpiece width and other customisation. 

The Elite Ascot Bridle 

The Elite Ascot Bridle combines our new headpiece, which is cut further back from the horse’s ears than other anatomical styles and has soft padding for ultimate comfort. The Ascot noseband is designed to stop the horse crossing its jaw to avoid the action of the bit and has a replaceable Velcro sheepskin nose pad. It’s similar to a Grackle noseband in its action but is carefully designed to avoid the sensitive pressure points on the face and padded in all the right places to make sure the horse is comfortable. 

The Elite Burghley Bridle from Elevator Equestrian
The Elite Burghley Bridle from Elevator Equestrian

The Elite Burghley Bridle 

The Elite Burghley Bridle is designed to offer an anatomically designed update on the traditional flash noseband, preventing the horse opening its mouth to avoid the action of the bit but ensuring they are free from nerve pain and pressure. The noseband is designed with smooth curves and soft padding across the nose and jaw straps for supreme comfort. 

The Elite Hickstead Bridle 

The Elite Hickstead Bridle is a new and anatomical take on the drop noseband bridle, but with unrivalled adjustability and comfort. The cut of the noseband is designed to avoid putting pressure on the teeth and facial nerves, and the jaw straps are generously padded for comfort. The innovative Hickstead noseband can be altered in three places, meaning it can also be worn as a cavesson noseband and making it ideal for young horses during their training and development. 

The Elite Olympia Double Bridle

The Elite Olympia Bridle is our brand-new double bridle design, and Jo has packed it with design features to make sure it offers total comfort to the horse wearing it. As well as our new anatomical headpiece, which is soft, padded and has heaps of space for the ears, the Olympia also features an extra-padded and carefully shaped cavesson noseband. This means it is padded in just the right places to avoid and pad the sensitive facial nerves. There is also a superior padded jaw strap to provide comfort to your horse when they’re strutting their stuff. 


For the full range visit elevatorequestrian.co.uk


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