SuperCalm Instant Syringe New from Global Herbs

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SuperCalm Instant Syringe New from Global Herbs

Is your horse nervous when you go to a show? Do you worry when the vet is visiting because of the stress it causes your horse? These are only two reasons why, the new SuperCalm Instant Syringe from Global Herbs may be the new must-have product in your equestrian kit.

  • Each syringe offers x2 doses for a 500kg horse
  • Molasses free herbal mix
  • Contains 100% natural ingredients
  • Ideal for travelling, showing, nervous horses and vet visits

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SuperCalm Instant Syringe

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The molasses free calming herbal mix, reduces nervousness and excitability and improves focus, so is ideal for use before vet visits, travelling, competition or other stressful events.

Results are usually seen within an hour and trial results have been outstandingly positive, with horses reported as being happier, more relaxed and more focused after using SuperCalm Instant. The mix is very palatable and one syringe contains two measures for a 500kg horse.

Results are usually seen within an hour and trial results have been outstandingly positive!

SuperCalm has been, up until now, available only in supplement form which when fed consistently releases a calming effect after 2-3 days. The supplement is used for more for maintenance rather than offering immediate impact. SuperCalm contains a daily antioxidants formula and is rich in vitamins E & C. Sachets are also available.



In short, this supplement or syringe when administered according to instructions could lead to improved performance due to a more focused horse and more enjoyable experiences when travelling to and competing at shows.

SuperCalm Instant Syringes are available to buy at all good stockists online at

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