Countryside Alliance launches Action for Hunting

Countryside Alliance launches Action for Hunting

The Countryside Alliance is delighted to launch the Action for Hunting initiative, which recognises the threats facing hunting but highlights how hunts and hunt supporters can take action to help secure hunting with hounds for generations to come. 

At the Alliance’s Westminster Hunting Briefing held in June, Lord (Nicholas) Soames, Baroness (Ann) Mallalieu and other distinguished speakers warned of the imminent political threats facing hunting, the changes that are necessary to help fight off further restrictions and the route to securing a sustainable future for hunting with hounds for decades to come.

Nick Herbert, Chairman of the Countryside Alliance, explained:

How trail hunting is conducted and perceived will be reflected in future legislation, so we must take action now to persuade politicians there is no case to strengthen the law.”

Upholding the highest standards on and off the hunting field, promoting lawful hunting activities and offering reassurance that all hunting activity is legitimate will help to build public support for hunting with hounds and reduce the risk of hostile legislation.


Tim Bonner, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance said:

We must act now and not delay reform until a government is elected with a commitment to legislate against hunting. There are many who believe that if hunting had acted more decisively to put its own house in order prior to the election of a Labour government in 1997 the long political battle might have ended differently. No one knows whether or not such action would have made a difference in 1997, but I am certain that we do not want to be asking ourselves the same question in 2024.”

The Alliance is encouraging those who want to help to protect hunting by taking action to sign up to support this initiative and invites all those attending the Festival of Hunting at the East of England Showground today to visit the Alliance’s stand to find out what they can do.

Polly Portwin, Director of the Campaign for Hunting added:

We are urging those who support hunting, of all ages and whether they still hunt now, used to follow hounds, or just support from a distance, to sign up to commit to taking action for hunting to keep it off the political agenda. This action may take a variety of forms and be required any time between now and the next General Election but be assured that by getting involved we can help to protect our way of life.”

You can download the Action for Hunting leaflet HERE.

Action For Hunting forms part of the Alliance’s overall campaign to secure a long-term future for hunting with hounds.

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