Contributor Bio – Barry Cridland Dip CBH

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Contributor Barry Cridland
Contributor Barry Cridland Dip CBH

Contributor Bio – Barry Cridland Dip CBH

Barry Cridland holds a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy with The UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy (independently awarded and externally verified by NCFE) and is also certified in Sports Hypnosis in association with the Centre of Sports Hypnosis. He is a member of the respected CNHC and the NCH (MNCH) Reg.

Barry works with horse riders at all levels from professional to beginner, focusing on overcoming self-limiting beliefs and moving towards new levels of riding success and fulfilment. Typically, he supports riders who are scared of falling off, worried about their horse spooking, suffer competition nerves, are easily distracted and always thinking about the “what if’s”.

He understands that to reach your full potential as a horse rider, physical and technical training alone is not enough. Barry fuses coaching and hypnotherapy to create the optimum conditions for continual improvement – making the most of your hard work and talent, so you can reach peak performance and gain a competitive advantage. This is an effective learning tool to help the mind stay calm, focused and responsive to change. Helping to maintain composure, manage distractions and gain confidence and self-belief each time you ride.

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His passion for his job is obvious the very first time you come into contact with him. His enthusiasm is infectious, his aim is to get you motivated and back in control (or in the saddle) as quickly as possible, by using a supportive and enabling approach that starts with YOU.

Barry is known for his enthusiastic educational talks which are fun, informative and interactive engaging his audience in how to use the mind in becoming a more confident horse rider.


Barry Cridland Dip CBH, Cert Sports Hypno.

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