British Rider Withdraws From World Equestrian Games

British Rider Withdraws From World Equestrian Games

British Rider Withdraws From World Equestrian Games

British endurance rider, Rachel Atkinson and her ride Tannasg Psyches Realm have withdrawn from the Meydan Endurance competition at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Tyron, North Carolina.

The 10-year old gelding was withdrawn from the competition, before the vetting, due to the diagnosis of a hoof abscess.

A spokes-person, for the British Endurance Squad, explained;

Despite fantastic rider and squad management efforts, Tannasg Psyches Realm has had to be withdrawn pre-competition due to a very frustrating foot abscess. Rachael and the squad management team decided that with the welfare of the horse in mind, it was sensible to withdraw him prior to vetting. Rachael passes on her best wishes to the rest of the team of Caroline, Nicola and Dominique.”

Caroline Cowley and ride, HS Bellini, Dominique Freeman and Rising Heat, and Nicola Thorne with her horse, Grand Ku, all remain on the squad and have passed the vetting for the competition. The Meydan Endurance event has begun today (12th September) at 6:30am local time (11:30am BST).


The 160km ride is held across the Tyron Estate grounds and will have six loops. Following each loop, there will be a vetgate where horses will be inspected by a vet, and can only continue if they are regarded as fit to do so. A rest period is also compulsory at the vetgate.

The final check occurs 30 minutes after arrival at the finish. Even though the horse has reached the end of the distance, elimination can still occur here if the vet disagrees with the horse’s condition. The winner is the horse who finishes the distance and is passed by vets, in the shortest time.

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