BGA Launch Investigation Into Working Pupil Positions

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BGA Launch Investigation Into Working Pupil Positions

The British Grooms Association (BGA) have launched an investigation into issues surrounding ‘working pupil’ positions on yards across the country.

Launching a new survey, the BGA has already begun contacting those who are currently in the ‘working pupil’ bracket, additionally opening the survey for a nationwide response.

The equine industry has a long history with working pupil employment, supplying a teaching element in return for yard work. The survey aims to “uncover the truth” behind working pupil employment and to find out whether it is in line with the law.

The issue regarding ‘working pupil’ employment arises as pupils are being subsidised training instead of a full wage. However, legal professionals have highlighted that there is no legal employment status which states this practice is allowed, therefore working pupils have the right to a full wage and benefits such as sick leave and paid holiday.

Employers are allowed to offer training and deduct the amount from an employees wage, though this must be invoiced appropriately and the full training must be provided. 

On the issue, BGA and Equestrian Employers Association executive director Lucy Katan explained;

Although a rider or employer would like to take someone under their wing and give them an exceptional opportunity to train and learn, quite often such arrangements have ended in tears with the ‘student’ not receiving the training promised.”

“Advertising using the term and arrangement, both on your own website and publicly via social media simply puts you at risk of an investigation.”

Katan continued to advise employers that ‘working pupil’ positions should become a “thing of the past”, to protect their business and to avoid legal prosecution and fines.

The BGA want to hear about your experience if you are a working pupil, working student, trainee groom, or apprentice on a yard. The survey is completely anonymous and a great way to have your say!

Take the survey here.


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