BHS Call for Lobbying of MP’s for Off Road Access

BHS Call for Lobbying of MP’s for Off Road Access
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BHS Call for Lobbying of MP’s for Off Road Access

The BHS have asked equestrians to lobby their local MPs regarding off road access provisions for horses.

The plea for support comes before the forthcoming Agriculture Bill, which sets the agenda for the future of the UK’s countryside.

The new bill should “provide stability” to farmers and secure an “effective system” of support, replacing the Common Agricultural Policy, Parliament has stated. The Agriculture Bill will also concern wildlife and footpaths, as well as bridlepaths.

The BHS believe that an integral part of the new bill should be improving and enhancing safe, off road access for horse riding. The charity want all landowners and farmers with a bridlepath to be paid. The BHS state;

“(Paying landowners would) widen the network available to horse and riders and help maintain the network”.


Writing to your local MP is suggested by the BHS, regarding off road access. The charity have provided a sample document which could be sent how it is; the BHS also recommending adding personal experiences to the letter.

The sample letter, the BHS has provided, states reasons as to why off-road access for riders is an integral part of the new bill. Reasons for consideration toward the issue being raised, during discussion of the agricultural bill, include countryside access being proven to improve both mental and physical health.

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The sample letter also goes on the state the shocking number of road incidents horses and riders have been in since 2012. A total of 2900 road incident reports have been made to the BHS within a six year period, including 39 rider deaths, 230 horse deaths and 840 horses injured.

To download the full sample letter, please see BHS website for more details;


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