A Valentine’s Day Treat? Hiho Silver Cherry Roller Pendant

Exclusive Cherry Roller Pendant - Hiho Silver

Just in time for Valentine’s Day … Hiho Silver launches new Exclusive Cherry Roller Pendant that can be customised just for you

The team at Hiho Silver have announced the launch of the Cherry Roller Pendant (below and feature image) just in time for this year’s Valentine’s Day. The pendant joins the already popular Cherry Roller Collection, available exclusively at Hiho Silver.

The brand, known for its collection of equestrian jewellery, has expanded to include a stylish pendant that can be bought and enjoyed as designed, or customised using CZ Roller Beads.

Exclusive Cherry Roller Pendant picture of necklace and pendant - Hiho Silver
Exclusive Cherry Roller Pendant – Hiho Silver

The Pendant is made using sterling silver and features one bit ring and five beads. The beads lead up to a Hiho engraved loop that sits on the 16” sterling silver chain. It’s available with sterling silver beads, a mixture of sterling silver and 18ct rose gold plated beads. Alternatives include sterling silver and 18ct yellow gold plated beads. However, bespoke designs can be created too.

We’re really excited to add this Pendant to our Cherry Roller Collection,”

said Emma Warren from Hiho Silver.

In addition to being beautiful in the sterling silver and gold plated versions, the fact that we can change the beads to either a different pattern, or switch them for all CZ Roller Beads of a mixture of CZ and sterling silver or gold plated, gives people the chance to make something unique to them. We create a growing number of bespoke Cherry Roller Bangles with favourite colours, and this new piece has been designed to allow this level of customisation too.”

The Exclusive Cherry Roller Pendant is 35mm long with each bead being 5mm wide.

Prices start from £80 for the sterling silver and 18ct rose gold plated version, and bespoke designs can be priced on request.

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To find out more, see www.hihosilver.co.uk.

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