NEW from Hiho Silver – Create Your Own Cherry Roller

Create Your Own Cherry Roller from Hiho Silver

Hiho Silver is delighted to announce the launch of the new ‘Create Your Own Cherry Roller’ service, which is now available online.

NEW from Hiho Silver – Create Your Own Cherry Roller

The Cherry Roller is exclusive to Hiho Silver and is available in a range of stunning combinations using solid sterling silver, solid gold, gold vermeil, CZ crystal Roller Beads and Roller Charms. The bangle has always had the ability to be customised, but this was usually something that happened at events, when the King Of The Road switched the beads while excited customers waited. However, now people can order the exact Cherry Roller they want online.

The new ‘Create Your Own Cherry Roller’ section allows customers to buy a sterling silver Starter Cherry Roller (which is a blank bracelet without any beads) and then the five beads can be added to suit the wearer’s tastes.

The Starter Bangle costs £90 and the price of beads starts from £15 each.

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