5 Best Films Shot in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

The selection of films set in Edinburgh will leave you speechless. Edinburgh has a lot to give both domestic and foreign producers. It is renowned for being among one of the most stunning destinations worldwide. Edinburgh is also highly recognized as a center for the arts and culture and its historical features. Because the stories in these movies about Edinburgh depend as much on their locations as they do on their primary characters, viewers see this famous city through the director’s eyes. You’ll be happy to witness a variety of genres and subjects in the movies made in Scotland’s capital because of how picturesque the ancient cityscape is for filming. 

Let’s explore the thrilling movies that used Edinburgh’s stunning landscapes as scenery, and if you want to compose an essay about any of those films, feel free to utilize the proper Harvard style paper guidance.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969)

This classic British film may be unknown to you, but it had a significant cultural influence at its premiere, especially in Scotland and Edinburgh. The same-titled book by Muriel Spark was published only a few years before the debut of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.

The story, which takes place in 1930s Edinburgh, centers on Jean Brodie, a schoolteacher at an all-girls academy who always aspires to break the pattern and serve as an example for the little girls who attend. 


The narrative might be bleak, but the cityscape is not. These days, it’s unusual for a movie set in Edinburgh to portray the city with such a straightforwardly romantic perspective. The location appears lovely for a movie so uncomfortable: Greyfriars Kirkyard, the castle on the hill, and the lush parks set for al fresco meals.

Shallow Grave (1994)

Christopher Eccleston, Kerry Fox, and Ewan McGregor portray a trio of slightly sociopath housemates who discard their recent homeowner’s body. They retain the bag stuffed with cash they discover beneath his mattress for themselves instead of reporting his death. If you see it again now, it would seem very current. It is a typical 1990s story of decadent millennials, replete with dance music and a cliched thriller soundtrack. Yet, it’s still a breakthrough of delicious unpleasantness, with Edinburgh portrayed as a lifeless city where the immoral rule.

Hallam Foe (2007)

Hallam Foe is a pleasant coming-of-age drama that was highly received by spectators and reviewers, with significantly lesser stakes and a micro level. It’s a fascinating experience and proof of the intriguing artistic voices one may discover in Edinburgh. Hallam Foe, a cinematic production of Peter Jinks’s sole book, was helmed by David Mackenzie, a significant Scottish director who you may be aware of from his 2016 picture, Hell or High Water.

The movie follows the tale of Hallam, a youthful outsider who is gradually driven from his Irish rural homestead. Hallan must contend with his aloof dad and scheming stepmother following his mother’s inexplicable death and his sister’s departure for college.

Hallam will face his worst demons in the movie, including things from his past that he can’t let go of and decisions that he knows are bad. In Hallam Foe, a troubled adolescent must learn to be ordinary, making it a particularly distinctive coming-of-age narrative.

Filth (2013)

Like the iconic Trainspotting, this movie is based on one of Irvine Welsh’s finest novels. It appears a little unjust that a place with the liveliness and diversity of Edinburgh has come to be characterized on the big screen by a perspective as obscenely sleazy as Irvine Welsh’s. Yet, in some ways, he has represented it. The tone and production values of Trainspotting strongly affected the direction and style of the movie Filth, and it’s fantastic!

Bruce Robertson, a substance abuser and unpleasant investigator in the Edinburgh police force, is the focus of the film Filth. Although having earned the level of Detective Sergeant through his abilities as a police officer, he has subsequently preferred to humiliate those he doesn’t like over carrying out legitimate police duties.

Our Ladies (2019)

Our Ladies is a pleasant comic with a current vibe that will give you some great sites one may find throughout Edinburgh while not being the most technically or aesthetically challenging movie. The five females are, without question, the finest aspect of the movie.

Set in 1996, the film centers on five women who are sick of their little Scottish town and are continuously observed by nuns at their Catholic school. When the chance presents itself, the girls immediately sign up for the choir’s day excursion to Edinburgh.

To Sum Up

Edinburgh has much to offer people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Scotland’s gorgeous capital successfully blends the ancient and the contemporary, providing tourists from all over the world with a wide variety of stunning sights and intriguing activities, such as horse riding. Because of this, many filmmakers have chosen this delightful town as the backdrop for their intriguing storylines, some of which are grand and epic and others more intimate.

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