3 Lungeing Aids For Horses

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3 Lungeing Aids For Horses

Lungeing aids for horses are a great way to improve your performance on and off of the lunge. From lungeing with side reins, to a Pessoa training aid, they encourage our horse to carry themselves in the correct frame. This helps in developing supporting muscle and keep our horse's free from injury and fatigue.

Whether you’re looking to add some impulsion and get your horse listening on the lunge or encourage a simple stretch, we’ve rounded up three of the best lunging aids for horses.

Lungeing Aids For Horses

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Back to Basics: Side Reins

Side reins are the perfect partner for lunging sessions, giving handlers a soft and consistent rein contact.

Attach to the d-rings of your saddle or a lunge roller where you can change the height of attachments to encourage different working frames. A lower attachment of the side reins to the bit will encourage a ‘long and low’ frame, meanwhile a higher attachment will encourage a more collected frame.


Adding Impulsion: Pessoa

Originally developed by showjumper, Nelson Pessoa, the Pessoa training aid aims to help your horse to find his optimum balance and rhythm.

Perfect for horse’s who lack impulsion, the Pessoa provides impulsion into a contact through a  series of ropes and pulleys. Running behind the hindquarters and attaching to the bit, the design encourages horse to take weight off of their forehand, work through their back and bring their hindquarters underneath. The Pessoa can be positioned to suit a range of horse ability and fitness level.

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A Simple Stretch: Lunge Aid

Quick and easy to fit, the innovative Lunge Aid is a staple in many equestrians groundwork tool kit. Perfect to stretch the all-important back muscles, the Lunge Aid works to encourage a long and low positioning of the head and neck.

Consisting of a cotton rope, the Lunge Aid should  lie over the horse’s back, just behind the withers, as passes thought the front legs to attach to the bit rings. When your horse begins to stretch downwards, working over their back, pressure is released off of the bit and simultaneously rewards your horse.

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