2023 Top Horse Races To Look Forward To

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This year, the horse racing world is getting ready to take over the tracks. In recent years the global pandemic has stopped many tournaments from taking place and has forced a lot of horses into retirement. 

However, as the world starts to right itself, the races are getting back into action. With so many jockeys and trainers ready to catch up for a lost time, we expect a whole new wave of bettors and investors to join in the hype.

If you are new to horse racing, read through the TVG odds guide for a helpful breakdown.

Back to the races themselves. There are 5 you should add to your diary.

Dubai World Cup Carnival – 6th January 2023

The Dubai World Cup is the youngest race on this list and may have already started before you read our article. It was created in 1996, using dirt surfaces to race thoroughbred horses.

Dubai wanted to toss its name ring into the world of horse racing and get the UAE more involved in western sports.

The prize pot this year is $12 million USD, which is one main reason why so many people flock to this race. The large prize fund attracts racers from all over the world, as it either beats or stands strong among the high-rolling prizes of American races.

Randox Grand National – 15th April 2023

The Randox Grand National is based in Liverpool, England – the home of the Beatles.

The first time the Randox entered the horse racing game was in 1839. It included 4-mile runs and horse jumping events to please every type of racer. 

In 2021, the first-ever female jockey won the Randox Grand National. Her name is Racheal Blackmore and her horse was Minella Times.

This amazing feat is bound to inspire more female jockeys into the races, which in turn will create an interesting change for one of the longest-running races of all time.

Kentucky Derby – 6th May 2023

The Kentucky Derby starts off with a series known as the Road To Kentucky. The road race is designed to narrow down the eligible racers as only 20 horses can be there on the final day.

The Road To Kentucky consists of 37 races which is one more than the 2021 season. This isn’t the only change we can expect to see.

Points will be awarded to the racers in the top 5 positions, with a special interest in the winners of the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile race. 

The prep season will have a sliding scale point system of 10, 4, 3, 2, 1.

These changes are designed to make clear distinctions between riders at the height of their profession.

Because of these changes, we can expect underdogs and favorites to change their tactics in the races to come.

Preakness Stakes – 20th May 2023

The Preakness Stakes is another American race, this time-based in Baltimore, Maryland. This race is two years older than the Kentucky Derby and allows horses as young as 3 years old to take part in the tournament. 

The Preakness is part of the Triple Crown series. Only 13 horses have won the triple crown, which is a testament to how difficult it is. To win the crown, they need to earn the top spot in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes.

Earning one of these trophies is hard enough, but earning all three is nearly impossible.

In May 2020, the Maryland state legislature committee allowed a $375 million renovation to take place on the Stronach Group tracks.

This means the track will feel new to the racers who have galloped through it year after year. The newness could allow mistakes to take place. In the Triple Crown, changes like these can make or break a racer’s stride.

Make sure to watch out for these changes, and how they affect the jockey’s reflexes. 

Belmont Stakes – 11th June 2023

Of course, we couldn’t mention the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes without also talking about the Belmont Stakes. The last of the Triple Crown races, the Belmont Stakes becomes an intense watch if a jockey is close to taking the title.

Normally, by the end of the Preakness Stakes, everyone knows if a Triple Crown is achievable that year. However, many jockeys will reject the Preakness Stakes in an attempt to stay fresh for Belmont.

The Belmont is known as the “Champion Track” because every major American racing Champion has competed on these tracks. It’s a race about tactical speed, sweeping turns, and a long home stretch.

Many people consider the Belmont Stakes the fairest race in America, as it tests every element of your horse with enough room to avoid collisions. 


Each of these races will be gripping to watch either due to their large collection of legendary racers, changes to their tracks which will create interesting new dynamics, or simply because they have always been entertaining.

Add each of these races to your diary, so you don’t miss out on the big race days. Place your bets early, and you could end up with great odds.

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