Essential Horsebox Safety Checks to Perform Now

horsebox safety checks

Essential Horsebox Safety Checks to Perform Now Are your horsebox safety checks wrote down on a notepad, ready to tick off? As we are primed for life on the road with our horses once again, now more than ever is the time to make sure your horsebox is safe and ready to go. Restrictions came into force just as we were coming out of winter, a period where many horseboxes and trailers are redundant due to weather conditions and less time spent in the saddle. Where they are stored away…

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Best Calming Herbs for Horses

There are many different types of horse calming supplements on the market these days. For the most part, a large proportion of those supplements contain glucosamine, MSM, and hyaluronic acids to name, but a few. Although these types of supplements are pretty common, there is also a wide variety that contains all-natural ingredients that some owners prefer. A wide selection of herbs is available to buy. This can be part of a complete supplement or as a stand-alone calming solution. Many horse owners believe that using herbs instead can provide…

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H&C Partner with Leading Retailer EQUUS

Horse and Country - Equus England

Horse and Country Partner with Leading Retailer EQUUS In yet another innovative move, Horse and Country have announced an exciting new partnership with the UK’s fastest growing online retailer, EQUUS to deliver promotional offers, incentives and more to members of the streaming service. Each month members of H&C’s streaming, H&C+, will receive exclusive offers from EQUUS. The offers will range across individual products, categories and brands, and other benefits such as express shipping. All offers will be redeemable by H&C+ members through their member discount page on the H&C+ site.…

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Best Joint Supplements for Horses UK

Most horses at some point or another will need to take joint supplements. It rarely matters whether they are a youngster or in their later years in life, and the type of work your horse takes part in is also not a deciding factor when it comes to joint pain. At Horse Reviews we’ve put together our favourite products currently available inot the Best Joint Supplements for Horses UK. Unfortunately, horse’s joints are not built to last and the demands on their bodies can often be too much. Prevention is…

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Do Horses Get Bored?

Horse Flies what's the issue

Do Horses Get Bored? Do horses get bored? We answer the common question! Investigating bored horse behaviour and what to do about it, we’ll help you bust your horse’s boredom once and for all!   Signs Of Boredom in Horses Bored horse behaviour can include the development of stable vices. Stable vices, such as crib-biting and box-walking often stem from frustration, stress and lack of mental stimulation. These vices lend a hand to relieve boredom and distract from other stressors. On the other hand, boredom may manifest through more subtle…

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