10 Fabulous Ways Horses Avoid Show Day

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10 Fabulous Ways Horses Avoid Show Day

You’ve built up to ‘it’ for weeks. Your ridden schedule has been executed to within an inch of its life and you’re ready to show them judges what you’ve got, until…..the horse pulls a sickie or somehow manages to avoid show day! Here’s 10 horse tricks you may find your horse playing to avoid show day….

Throw a shoe, or two, it’s as if they know your farrier is on holiday that week

Refuse to be caught for two days before so there’s no chance of any show prep, leaving you feeling disheartened, with no hope of going anywhere.

Take a sudden dislike to the trailer or horsebox


Have a field friend bite him right on the girth area in the field

An all time fav, go lame. Any leg will do, even though they’ve been stood in a stable overnight so there’s little chance of anything happening

Get conjunctivitis…not quiet their fault but enough of an excuse not to take them anywhere

Have an attack of hives over the saddle area, secretly they knew rolling in those nettles would pay off

Stand on your foot so hard you need to spend the day in A&E and not at the showground

Come over with an unexplained illness which miraculously clears up 30 minutes after you should have left for the show

Holding in gas…gauge themselves on overly rich grass resulting in an unusual bloating when all they really need is a good ‘pump’ to deflate themselves. Trick is holding it in overnight then releasing said gas whilst running across the field when you’ve decided you can’t go

Problem is with all these tricks to get out of showing is, you won’t know until you don’t go!

Everything Horse UK Ltd in no way encourages you to take you horse to a show if they are, or seem, ill. This is meant as a light hearted article only. If you are in any doubt over your horses health we strongly recommend you contact a registered veterinarian


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