Yard Dog Accessories

Yard Dog Accessories 

No yard is quite complete without a dog! Whether that be one yard dog or four, they'll all still need somewhere to rest through the day, and evening if necessary along with a number of other accessories. Here's some goodies we feel are must have items for any yard dog.


Easidri Grooming Towel

The Easidri Grooming Towel is a must-have for any dog owner, whether it’s used to dry the dog after a summer bath or a wet walk in the winter. The super absorbent towel reduces drying times by up to 60% and absorbs large amounts of water with each wipe. To use, just wipe the towel across the wet coat, wring out, and repeat as often as needed. Machine Washable

Sizes: small, medium and large.

RRP: £12.00


Visit: www.easidri.com

WoofPouf from Absorbine

The ShowSheen Woof Pouf offers a convenient and easy way to bath your dog and remove offensive odour. The unique ShowSheen Woof Pouf contains Ordenone soap beads that help eliminate even the toughest odours - including fox smell. This convenient bathing tool provides a rich lather bath after bath, lasting for 15 or more washes, offering dog owners a simple solution to one of their most common problems - smelly dogs.

RRP: £5.60

Visit: www.absorbine.co.uk

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Pet Head - Dirty Talk

From the founders of Bed Head comes the Pet Head range. This deoderising dog shampoo is great for dirty dogs, helping them to reform to their pristine, great smelling self once more! The powerful yet gently deoderising includes vegetable protein extract and hydrolysed soy protein extract.

Size: 475ml

Prices start: £4.99

Visit: www.companyofanimals.co.uk/brands/pet-head

Back on Track Oval Dog Bed

Pamper the yard pooch like we do a horse with the Back on Track Oval Dog Bed! Made from Welltex® fabric with infra-red technology, the bed will help support circulation and wellbeing. It features a non-slip underside, perfect for at home or in the car. All Back on Track products are made of their revolutionary Welltex™ fabric which is infused with ceramic particles. These ceramic particles cause long wave infra-red heat to radiate back towards the body. The body responds positively to the infra-red wave, increasing circulation, which can relieve joint tension, maximise performance and help avoid injury.

RRP: £49.00 for small, £99.00 for medium and £129.00 for large.

Visit: www.backontrack.com/uk/home

dog first aid kit yard dog

Travel First Aid Kit for Dogs

For those moments no one can predict, the Hi-Travel first aid kit for dogs is an essential piece of kit when dogs visit the yard. Included inside is a variety of first aid must-haves including; dressings, foil bag (to keep the dog warm) Saline pods, gauze swobs, scissors and other essential pieces of kit. For all the information on what's included please visit the link below

RRP: £12.99 

Visit: www.muddypaws.co.uk

equisafety dog harness

Equisafety Flashing LED Hi Vis Reflective Dog Harness

A dog harness made from very soft webbing, ensuring maximum comfort for your dog. The underside of the harness is soft breathable neoprene material which adds to the overall comfort for the dog, along with its the ergonomic shape. The secure locks are quick and easy to fit, allowing full adjustability. 360° reflective, doesn’t over heat the dog and brilliant to use at night. The LED flashing strip around the back of the neck is fantastic for spotting your dog when he/she is running around the fields at night or for making them more visible to motorist when you need to walk alongside a road.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Colours: Hi Viz Pink or Yellow

RRP: £18.99

Visit: www.highvisibility.uk.com

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