WOAH launches centenary photo competition

World Organisation for Animal Health image of animals on sand

In celebration of their centenary, the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) has launched its 2024 photo competition to highlight the work that animal health and welfare providers are carrying out around the world.

The competition has been running for six years, and this year’s theme is ‘Animal health and welfare: looking to the past, embracing the future’.

The competition seeks to champion the World Organisation for Animal Health’s major mission: Improving animal health and welfare, ‘A good life for animals’ and ‘Health and Happiness’.

The World Organisation for Animal Health hopes that this photo competition will ‘show how the animal health sector has evolved over the years. It utilises lessons from the past but is ready to embrace the changes and innovations brought about by the present and the future when it comes to maintaining animal health and welfare globally.


Veterinary practitioners and veterinary students working within WOAH’s global network (the UK) are eligible to apply with prizes range from 800 to 1500 Euros depending on the category. Applications are invited along the following themes:

1.  Animal disease surveillance, prevention and control e.g. surveillance activities, vaccination campaigns, prophylaxis and diagnostic tests, including interaction between wildlife, environment and livestock
2.  Aquatic animal health and production systems e.g. farmed fishing systems, amphibians, crustaceans, farmed fish, mollusc and their products
3.  Animal production systems e.g. family, intensive or extensive farming systems as well as transhumance, pastoralism systems, with then possible a highlight of sustainable practices
4.  Animal welfare e.g. transport of animals, stray dog management, working animals and other topics addressed in the WOAH standards
5.  One Health e.g. depicting the crucial link between human and animal health and the ecosystem in which they co-exist
6.  Veterinary education e.g. young students in practice/training, veterinary education establishments and facilities
7.  Innovation e.g. how the animal health sector and animal health professionals and making use of new technological advances to improve their work
8.  Partnerships e.g. how the animal health sector is working with domains outside its own to gather expanded expertise with the aim of better addressing global health threats

The deadline for submissions is 18 March, and you can upload entries at the WOAH website.

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