WIN epona Tiger’s Tongue with Everything Horse

WIN an epona Tiger's Tongue with Everything Horse

Here’s your chance to win one of six epona Tiger’s Tongue grooming sponges which are available exclusively from TRI Equestrian.

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Product Information

The Epona Tiger Tongue, available exclusively from TRI Equestrian, makes light work of dirt and stains to make grooming a breeze


All passionate equestrians know how much effort goes into keeping our beloved horses in the best possible shape, but it does sometimes feel as though they conspire to our lives a little more difficult than they need to be at times. Whether that’s coming in from the field coated from their hooves to the very tips of their ears in mud or finding the one grubby patch of the stable to lie on the night before a show, sometimes the time that goes into the sport is spent brushing and bathing as much as it is riding! The Epona Products Tiger’s Tongue Groomer has an incredibly wide range of benefits will transform the way you groom horses and become a firm fixture in your grooming box forever.

Just as the name suggests, the revolutionary Tiger’s Tongue Groomer (€7.38) lifts dirt, sweat, dead hair and stains from the horse’s coat just like a cat’s tongue and in a far gentler manner than a dandy brush or curry comb. White markings are easily transformed from brown or dull grey back to gleaming immaculate shine without the need for bathing, stubborn sweat stains are gone in moments and the Tiger’s Tongue stone can also be used to clean and buff hoof walls for a truly top-to-toe groom.

The benefits don’t end there for this brilliant bit of grooming kit. As it is much gentler than brushing, the Tiger’s Tongue is tolerated by horses with very sensitive skin who normally hate being scrubbed at with a bristly brush or comb. When used with water for a really deep clean it delivers a relaxing massage for the horse to enjoy, and it will dry off when wrung out and left for a few hours. The Tiger’s Tongue groomer also collects dust and dirt inside its structure rather than sending it into the air in a cloud that will fall back onto you or the horse.

The Epona Products Tiger’s Tongue Groomer is only available from leading equestrian supplier TRI Equestrian, the sole European distributor for Epona Products in Europe. Head over to their website to take a look at this amazing product that is guaranteed change your grooming routine for the better:


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