What To Expect For The Next Horse Racing in Gulfstream Park

Horse Racing in Gulfstream Park

Since its official opening announcement, Gulfstream Park has been filled with both backlash and support from different news sources and communities, making it one of the controversial openings since the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

One of its core events is the Pegasus Cup, which has attracted the best horse breeds and the betting enthusiast and hardcore audiences. Please read here for more information on the established protocols and the latest news of its opening. 

Pegasus Cup: The Million-Dollar Race

The Pegasus Cup is one of the most-awaited and historical horse racing events in the country. With its long line of prized breeds competing for glory, it is no surprise that this ongoing series is not something that horse racers and bettors can ignore.

The said race will be held on the Gulfstream Park Casino and Hotel race track, and participants will run through the tracks along with its rich, South Florida landscape. A combination of nature’s beauty and its rough track races.


Horse Highlights: Knicks Go

In this year’s Pegasus Cup, the event hosts a spectacular line of top racers, each a winner of their respective cups. But nothing is as dramatic as Knicks Go’s career development and its journey on the Pegasus Cup.

Knicks Go’s career recently took a wrong turn with its series of defeats and under performances in the past events despite his exceptional ability and inherited physical prowess, until his handlers made a trainer change from the past year under Brad Cox.

Under Cox’s supervision, Knicks Go became a record beater in his races and showed excellent runs in Breeder’s Cup while outpacing top breeds in his professional career. With his participation in the Pegasus Cup, it is unclear how Knicks Go would handle its competitors, with different sides providing their insights on how this race would affect Knicks Go’s career.

Gulfstream Event Limitations and Streaming Services

As exciting as it may seem, some limitations affect your experience with the race. Gulfstream Park’s opening announcement also talks about their measures to keep everyone safe against COVID-19 infections.

Under the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Gulfstream Park will be laying out a new casino and racetrack floor plan that restricts certain areas and emphasizes safety and security.

Its opening is further supported by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Board (DBPR), The Hallandale Beach Organization, and the Broward County, ensuring quality casino and racing entertainment under strict observance of COVID protocols.

Sanitation and prevention are a top priority for the establishment. Physical distancing and wearing of face masks are strictly implemented, and mandatory temperature checks and physical screening in some areas with high traffic. Also, most services require advanced reservation, and critical areas will be monitored by employees trained on COVID-19 safety and security measures.

Additionally, sanitation areas will be placed in critical areas such as the seating area and some food courts in the race track. Horse racing audiences are expected to follow physical distancing and specific markers around the hotel.

Fortunately, if going to the park is too risky, you can still get the action from the safety of your home. Gulfstream Park offers streaming services on its official websites and premium options such as the TVG Gulf Stream horse racing streaming service.

Limited Seating and Reservation Price Hike

Should you plan to go to the racetrack, either way, you might want to prepare a significant amount of cash to get their limited slots for the Pegasus Cup. The seats are limited to 1800 audiences, and each seat may cost up to $1000 and up depending on the location.

Alternatively, Ten Palms restaurant is open for business that offers meals with an excellent viewing deck on the racetrack; you may need to visit their official website for online reservations as walk-ins are currently prohibited as per safety concerns.

Horse Racing Time Slots and Business Hours

Due to strict compliance with safety and sanitation protocols, Gulfstream Park shall observe the shortened opening and closing hours to prevent high traffic and have ample time for disinfection.

Gulfstream Park is open 10 AM to 11 PM on Sundays and Thursdays, while Friday and Saturday openings are extended from 10 AM to 1 AM. As for horse racing events, races are held on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays of the week. Racing schedules are found on their website, with the first race of the day posted at noon.

In Conclusion

Despite initial backlash and criticisms from media outlets, Gulfstream Park continues to service its loyal patrons with their racetrack opening and casinos under strict compliance with the government’s safety and sanitation protocols. The Pegasus race is still ongoing and provides the best horse racing moments under limited seating and early reservations.

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