What to expect at ever popular Royal Ascot 2021

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What to expect at ever popular Royal Ascot 2021

The Ascot in Berkshire is one of the most famous horse racing tracks in England and the world, not least because it attracts all of England’s high society, complete with hats and tails. The highlight of the year is Royal Ascot. This event is known as the most famous racing event in the world. However, the attention of the press is more on the clothes (especially the hats) than on the races. It is therefore a real society event. Certain areas of the track are only accessible to people who adhere to a strict dress code. Hats are compulsory, as are suits for the men. Women are not allowed to show bare shoulders and are required to wear a hat. Just like on Prince’s Day, the strangest and most unusual creations can be seen at Ascot. Normally one only enters this area (the Royal Enclosure) when introduced by a member. To gain access, a minimum of 530 pounds must be paid.

Popularity and division

More than 300,000 people visit the track during Royal Ascot week. This makes it the best attended horse racing event in Europe. Many of the visitors know little to nothing about horse racing but are there purely for the social aspect and to drink alcoholic refreshments. This causes a division between the horse racing fans and the visitors who come for the social aspect. Last year was the first time the Queen had not attended Royal Ascot in 68 years of reign. Usually, each day begins with the arrival of Her Royal Highness and her family by carriage. This royal procession has been a tradition since 1825, when King George IV made a grand arrival with his family.

Betting on the races

At the Royal Ascot there is room for the best horses. But of course not every horse is equally experienced or talented. To keep the races as exciting and fair as possible, horse racing works with different classes. Thanks to this system, the young or somewhat weaker horses compete against each other, while the real top horses compete in another race. Even a race with newcomers is exciting in this way. The horses are all equally matched in terms of level. If you wish to take a chance and bet on your favourite horse we recommend you to check our some Ascot Tips so that you’re prepared in the best possible way for this ever popular event.

To be followed around the world

The Royal Ascot event will bring the famous Royal Ascot horse races to live television when they are held behind closed doors from 15 to 19 June 2021. This will allow thousands of homes around the world to follow 5 days of thrilling racing. And to enjoy it even more, you will have to adopt the appropriate dress code! Royal Ascot is inviting spectators to dress in their best and wear spectacular hats to take part in this very British tradition.  With a packed programme for 2021, Royal Ascot will feature 36 races over 5 days, more than in previous years. Also new, the opening race will see the return of the Buckingham Palace Handicap after some absence. For the occasion, the Queen has agreed to name the additional races, including the Copper Horse Handicap, after the statue of King George III on horseback at the end of the Long Walk in Windsor Great Park. In the UK, the races will be broadcast on Sky Sports Racing and ITV. Internationally, the event will be broadcast in 200 countries and reach over 650 million homes.

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