Understanding Casino Game Information for Horse Racing Bettors

Source: Unsplash
Source: Unsplash

Anyone who owns an online sportsbook account will have been bombarded with offers for internet slot games. Very often, the complex terminology and sheer amount presented can be off-putting. Yet these titles can be enjoyable, a unique form of entertainment to play online when the racing finishes. To help you understand them, we have compiled the most important slot game terms for horse racing bettors. 


RTP stands for “return to player”. This is a percentage indicator of how much money will be returned to the player if they play over a long period. For example, if a game has an RTP of 96% then 4% will go to the house, and the other 96% will go back to the player. Of course, this is just statistical. This blog post about RTP explains everything about probability and how it impacts your game.

This is very similar to the form that a horse may have and should not be confused with the odds. The form is an account of how a horse has done over its previous races and career. However, like RTP, it is not a guarantee of performance. A horse may have won its last four races, but come third in the next. This is like RTP: it is a long-term average and prediction. A player may have two games and win one hundred times their stake, or they may play one hundred games and get just under the percentage amount back. 


Source: Unsplash

Volatility is another term you should understand in conjunction with RTP. Whereas RTP gives you the amount you would win over a long period of playing, volatility is the frequency of the win. High volatility means you will win fewer times, but in bigger amounts. Low volatility means that you can expect to win often, but with smaller payouts. 


This can also be likened to form, but specifically concerning how a horse has performed. If it consistently comes in the top three horses and is a certain each-way bet, then you are winning smaller amounts frequently by backing it, making it low volatility. However, a horse with a mediocre form that goes on to win with outside odds would be considered high volatility. 


Paylines are the number of different ways you can win at a slot game. The lower the pay line, the easier the game tends to be and get to grips with. Some can have as little as five or six ways to win. Yet, when you get into games that add reels during play, you can find games that number in the hundreds. 

This can be likened to the payouts provided when you take each way bet. Depending on the race, bookmakers may pay out for second, third or even fourth if enough horses run. In smaller races, you may only get first place. This alters the ways to win, just like slot games have different criteria for paying out. 

There are others you will see, but these are the most vital. Read the small print in the game and manage your bankroll. Soon, you may begin to enjoy slot games just as much as a bet. 

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