UK Sports Betting in Women’s Football Club

Sports is the only thing which can bring people together, no matter where you belong. And what can be a better example than football? Football is a game of emotions, and this hits mankind the most! However, the popularity of men’s football is always at the top, but women’s football leads the gambling world. Did you know? The sports betting industry faced the highest viewership during the FIFA World Cup in 2019. And this came as a triumph to the existence of women’s football in the sport’s betting marketplace. 

So if you want to make your first bet memorable and exciting, you can go to a women’s football club. But before anything, how about you know the association first? Therefore, keep reading to get a better hold of what you are going to do next. 

The Basics of Betting in Women’s Football 

First, you should know that women’s football is different from men’s. Also, the betting punters have set unequal numbers sets of odds for both games. 

Moreover, in times of group competitions, bettors must try out some mismatches, too, as it higher your gameplay. But still, if you are planning to invest in this sport, register on the country websites that inspire women’s football the most. 


The moment you partner up with the most popular country, you automatically get an edge on the winning bet or odds. And the UK is in the lead under this category. 

The History of Women’s Football in the UK

Football has no specific date of discovery. And so does the women’s football association. This sport has been famous since the medieval era and generally included men players. 

But it wouldn’t harm if women took part too, right? And see where the women’s football association stands now! It was the 19th century when humankind gave thought to the involvement of women in football. At times, the sports were only limited to individual villages and neighbors. 

Do you have any idea about the first ever official football match among females? Well, it happened in 1881 in Edinburgh, Glasgow, when a team from England competed against Scotland in a series of games. One of the members of the UK team was Lily St. Clare. She was the hero of that series as she scored the first goal in the beginning match and then won against Scotland with 3-0 goals. 

Want to know about the audience number? It was 5000 people who sat throughout and watched the women heroes give rise to a new beginning. After that win, the UK football authorities kept encouraging women’s football matches and competitions until the 20th century. The men’s football association had boycotted women’s football. But this didn’t stop the blooming blood. Rather, England organized the Women’s European Championships in 2005. And trust me, it was one of the wildest comebacks. As time went on, there was also England Women’s U20 Training Camp organized in order to promote the industry development. 

Who Is Rachel Furness? 

Rachel Furness is currently the best midfielder from FA Women’s Championship Club, Liverpool. Also, she is the pride of the United Kingdom. Well, you can address her as multi-talented because she can also ace as a sticker as well as a winger. 

Let’s dig into the early career of Furness. She made her debut in the Premier League Cup in October 2010. She represented Sunderland and won 4-0. Rachel was never blessed with wins all the time. She faced many defeats, but this did nothing but shape her into the best! In International matches, she plays for the Northern Ireland Women’s National Team. And this team has had remarkable growth since its debut. Rachel had been the hero throughout. 

The 2021 UEFA Women’s European Championships Qualification faced the furious Northern Ireland Women Football Club. And, of course, they brought home the trophy. Well, this was just the beginning. Furness came with historic goals in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which took place in November 2021. She added Rick’s goals to her record. Isn’t she amazing? 

As you can find out, the year 2021, has been lucky for Rachel and her team. She took a break from the international tournaments but did not resign recently. So you can invest your money in her for the next competition as she is worth a shot! By the end of 2021, she was awarded NI BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2021. 

How to Choose the Best Bookmakers in the UK

BetZillion gives information about safe and secure bookmarkers. These bookies never leave any opportunity to impress you with occasional bonuses. But first, you should be sure about which betting site satisfies your wants and then go for it! Are you eager to play wagers on such sites? 

  • Keep an eye on the bonuses and offers your favorite bookie provides. Also, search for an opportunity where you can put your bets on the players as well as the teams from the competing women’s football club. Just remember that you should never change your gameplay on any betting website. 
  • Shortlist an online operator which pays attention to your personal preferences. If you are so interested in women’s football, choose a sports bookmarker that includes plenty of opportunities and bonus offers on this sport. And yes, never sacrifice live betting and live streaming over other welcome bonuses. Your betting website must include an option for live betting. 
  • It is always okay to register into multiple sports bookies. It gives you closure on which one suits your gameplay the most. Also, pay attention to the offers or promotions they provide. 
  • UK betting sites must also include various payment options. And this contains bank transfers via credit or debit card, PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa. 
  • Go through some of the honest reviews, and you will get them on websites like Twitch, HLTV, Reddit, and likewise. 
  • Run behind better odds. The bookie which provides the highest odds, go for that one. So, if you get all these in one betting site, you are lucky! 

The Best UK Betting Sites for Women’s Football

The British betting industry earns about 5.89 billion pounds on average every year. Also, sports wagering must not only have a boundary of security but also must be interesting. And the following list brings you the most thrilling experiences. 

Bet365 – On putting your first bet of £10, they return a payback of £50. And they have 96.25% of matched winning odds so far. Stop screaming, as it is not the end. If you want to impress yourself more, register your profile in this bookmarker and grab an opportunity to win. 

BetVictor – You will get a welcome package of £30 in this bookie. Also, it includes a total of 41 bet types. Since diversity is a perfect choice, you can give it a thought! Winning odds are always +2.00. And you will keep on encountering numerous promotion offers on your way. 

10Bet – 50% deposit match is guaranteed once you get in. If you are a newcomer, then there’s a surprise for you. 10Bet allows you to draw a 100% deposit of up to £50.

Paddy Power – If you are a resident of the UK and also a gambler, you might have heard about this website a lot of times. Well, it is worth appreciation. You can invest in 28+ sports and get a free bet of £20 on your first try. Don’t miss this opportunity!

William Hill – This bookmarker makes sports betting more attractive. There is a deal like if you keep putting three bets of £10, they give you a withdrawal amount of £10. Also, you can access this bookie on your mobile phone. 

Final Words

That was all about the Women’s Football Association in the UK. Also, you must be a fan of Rachel Furness till now. The way a simple girl from Sunderland Women’s Football Club reached such a height is a motivation for every individual. And about sports betting in women’s football, it can be a successful win if you have gone through the basics mentioned in this article. So let’s look forward to your success and the rise of women’s football across the globe. 

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