Types and strategies of betting on ski jumping

ski jumping

Winter sports continue to enjoy wide demand and their popularity is growing every year. Ski jumping was no exception. They have a huge number of fans, and many of them do not even suspect that you can bet on the listed discipline in bookmakers.

What is this type of winter sport?

The technique of jumping includes three phases, acceleration, jump and flight with landing. The first stage is carried out on the descent from the springboard, and the second from a special separation table. The jury gives an assessment based on the quality of each listed stage. Special attention is paid to the position of the athlete’s body during the flight, landing without touching the surface and the landing distance.

Jumps occur in winter conditions and, accordingly, in the presence of snow. Initially, only natural hills were used, but now artificial structures and embankments are being prepared for athletes. Jumping towers are equipped in indoor areas to make training and tournaments independent of climatic and natural factors.

In general, ski jumping is a dynamically developing sport that gathers a lot of fans around it. Therefore, it is not surprising that they started betting on it because with it you can not only win money but also have the opportunity to watch interesting competitions.


Where are bets placed?

Not every bookmaker can place bets on this sport. If the club operator offers bets on the presented discipline, it is exclusively on the most popular competitions. Therefore, if you want to bet on this sport, you will have to spend a considerable amount of time searching for a suitable partner with favorable conditions.

Today horse racing betting apps offer favorable conditions. The authors of these applications advise you to take a closer look at establishments with a wide line, where bets on ski jumping are regularly accepted. Experts also advise you to register for several projects in order not to depend on one resource and to cover as many sports events as possible.


There are several types of bets on ski jumping, which differ in different characteristics. Perhaps it is worth mentioning such varieties:

  • Prize-winning place. It is a less risky bet, where you need to predict getting into the top three athletes based on the results of a certain stage.
  • The results of the tournament. They imply long bets on the winner of the overall standings of various competitions, including the World Cup.
  • The winner of the stage. In this case, bets are placed on the skier who will win at a particular stage of the competition.

Who is higher? Of the two athletes, you will need to choose the one who will take a higher position.

What strategy should I choose?

Before using the chosen strategy, it is recommended to analyze the competition. Yes, it does not guarantee a 100 percent win, but it increases the chances. At the same time, it is important to study the physical form, psychological state, motivation of the athlete and the results of previous competitions. It is also important to pay attention to weather conditions and get acquainted with the results of recent years in a certain springboard. Information is available to everyone that each skier has his own positive and negative aspects in terms of this sport. This one should also be emphasized and analyzed.

The best solution is to place bets after the implementation of several stages when information about the approximate mood of athletes and their physical form becomes known. That is, it is advisable to abandon the bets at the beginning of the tournament.

Now we can move on to the strategy. High coefficients allow you to apply the catch-up strategy in jumping bets. It is necessary to choose one of the best athletes who can win several stages of the World Cup, and then bet on him. If he is faced with defeat, you need to increase the amount of the bet and bet on him again. At the same time, the potential gain will return the lost funds and ensure optimal profit.

If you follow this principle, then everything will work out. This tactic should be followed until the favourite wins. After that, you can start using the strategy again, perhaps by choosing another person, depending on the situation. You can try other famous strategies, but beginners are recommended to start with this option because it guarantees increased chances of winning.

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