Tried and Tested – Orscana, Connect with Your Horse

Orscana Arioneo

Tried and Tested – Orscana, Connect with Your Horse

With digital technology ever evolving, the latest in horse care and health monitoring equipment comes in the form of Orscana, the little tag with big power from, Arioneo Care.

Easily attached to your horse’s rug, the Orscana monitor records vital statistics. For the first time we can monitor temperature and humidity, allowing owners to choose the correct rug for their horse.  It also records an estimate of how comfortable the horse is and gives an average for activity (i.e lying down and movements).



The Monitor

The monitor, which is small and round, fits inside a mesh pocket which attaches easily to the horse’s rug. Sitting closely within the flank region, when switched on and synced to the app, the device records data which is then available to be read almost instantly.

The App

The android/apple app available is downloadable to either device type for free.


Once logged in a user profile can be created, which is easy and only takes a matter of minutes to do. An independent file can then be set to each horse, which is ideal when using on multiple equines enabling the recording, storing and organising of data in a safe way. Each profile allows an input of name, breed, age, sex and year of birth. A selection of current activity for workload is also available.

Substantial data collection includes activity, which is broken down into four categories; calm, active, disturbed and lying. Comfort is measured by including humidity and temperature, the results are then displayed in an easy to read structure.

All data is converted into a graph that can be split into particular time periods to allow for understanding changes in behaviour, over 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.


Our findings

When fitted the horse didn’t seem to notice the monitor, nor did he seem to be uncomfortable or seem irritated by its presence. The initial data recorded suggested we had over rugged the horse, as it displayed as uncomfortable. Once the rug was changed the recordings altered when app updated.

All information was displayed on one ‘swipe down’ screen, which was very useful.


The app comes with a handy tutorial and FAQ section, to help out when using or setting up.

There’s even a daily forecast tool!


Quick and easy to use/understand, comfortable for the horse.


Initially, the monitor was difficult to connect with the app.

RRP £90.00

The monitor is available to purchase online via



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