Tributes pour in for Caroline March who passes aged 31

Social media tributes are pouring in for British Eventing star, Caroline March, who took to social media to announce the reasons around her heartbreaking decision to opt for assisted suicide. The letter, which is both frank and poignant, powerfully portrays Caroline’s strength of character and pragmatic approach to her situation.  

Caroline emotionally wrote “I’d rather have a short life that’s full of what I love doing” in the letter. 

“I’d rather have a short life that’s full of what I love doing” 

31 year old Caroline from Colchester had sustained life changing spinal injuries after falling from a horse during a cross-country event at Barefoot Retreats Burnham Market in Norfolk on April 16, 2022.  She was knocked unconscious and underwent major surgery, however, her quality of life was greatly affected by her injuries despite intensive physiotherapy and experimental surgery for which she had travelled to the USA. 

Caroline was a professional equestrian who rode up to 4 star level. In her letter she described herself as living for “adrenaline hits” and “spontaneity”.  However, she could no longer carry out the things she loved; she had always believed in assisted suicide and felt that this would be the route she would take should she ever be forced into the predicament that she could not longer enjoy the quality of life that she wanted. 


Caroline stated “not going to lie, never imagined it would come to fruition, but here we are”. “No-one can truly understand what I have to go through”. Caroline described herself as strong minded and independent, a person who hated to ask for help. She hoped that her letter would help silence the opinions of people who may challenge her decision. She understood her decision may be interpreted as selfish by some, however she was very clear that “in the end, this is only about me”. She continued “I am so independent and so stubborn NOBODY was going to change my mind” however went on to say “I am very grateful for those who have tried.”

Caroline had admitted that she had always wanted a family of her own and would have given up all she had in an instant to have one. She was related by marriage to Piggy March who is married to her older brother, Tom.

Piggy wrote a tribute on Facebook saying that the family are taking comfort from the fact that Caroline is now at peace. She passed on 23 March 2024, just one month after her 31st birthday. On her facebook page, a post requests that people read Caroline’s post with an open mind and be respectful for the sake of her family, adding “she will be greatly missed”.

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