Top Gear for Ines Joly In €1.5million LGCT Grand Prix in Monaco

There were tears throughout Monte Carlo as Ines Joly and Ambassador Z clinched their first ever 5* Grand Prix win in the €1.5 million Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix du Prince de Monaco. In the most tense atmosphere of the year Max Kühner and EIC Up Too Jacco Blue was pushed into second place when the last fence fell in the high-stakes competition which took place against the picturesque backdrop of Monaco, captivating fans from around the world.

With only two riders in the jump-off, Nina Mallevaey was the second French young female to stand on the podium in third place picking up a single time fault in round one with Dynastie de Beaufour in an agonising 0.04 seconds over the time allowed. 

Under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, the 10th leg of the Championship race is a long-established and popular event, boasting a roster of illustrious winners over the years since its debut in 2006. Spectators lined the edge of the arena, while VIPs, including former Formula One driver Daniil Kvyat, watched the world’s top riders and horses compete in this unique venue.

“Out of this world”… a speechless Ines Joly tried to put into words what this win meant for her to GCTV. She said, “I never imagined this, it’s amazing and incredible. I knew I had one chance so I thought I would give it a go, it was the chance of my life and I took it.”

Ines Joly went on to add, “If you’d told me two years ago that I would be winning my first 5* grand prix at the Longines Global Champions Tour I would have still been there with my mask during Covid and saying you’re dreaming. It truly is a dream.”

2024 has seen Max Kühner post a host of impressive performances, including securing a stage win at the LGCT of Ramatuelle, St Tropez just a few short weeks ago. A second place in Monaco was bittersweet, with the final rail falling in the jump off, with a time that would have seen him take a comfortable first place. Looking back at his round, Max said, “He felt really good in the jump off – I thought, just ‘stay cool’ and ride it home. Maybe I should have fought a little more… EIC Up Too Jacco Blue likes me really to fight and work a little bit on him, and now it looks like it wasn’t quite enough.” 

He went on to add, “There are a lot of positives from tonight in this €1.5m LGCT Grand Prix. EIC Up Too Jacco Blue jumped super in both round one and the jump off so I am very happy with him. Monte Carlo is always a great place for me, I won here in 2022 and I have been on the podium a few times on the podium so it is always good to be back.”

Nina Mallevaey also combined her first ever 5* grand prix podium with her first ever LGCT Grand Prix podium, and couldn’t hide her delight. Following a single time penalty in round one keeping her out of the jump off, she said, “My mare was amazing, she gave everything. I was so proud of her and a bit mad at me. I am still so proud of her, it is only her third big 5* class and she did it so easily… I was really between happy and frustrated.”

She went on to add, “I am also so pleased for my owners, Mark and Cassidy Rein, they do so much for me, and my trainers, so I am also so happy for them to give them a podium.”

Max Kühner now extends his 2024 LGCT Championship lead to 208 points, with Andreas Schou in hot pursuit now on 192 points. Former multi-stage leader, Eduardo Alvarez Aznar, hangs on to third by a single point ahead of Maikel van der Vleuten on 161 points.

The Tour takes a break for a couple of weeks after three consecutive events, before heading to Riesenbeck, Germany for the 11th leg of the 2024 Championship race. As the action intensifies, the race to the final shifts into high gear.

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