Top Freelance Careers to Consider in 2022

Top Freelance Careers to Consider in 2022

Before starting your freelance career, you must have seen enticing pictures of professionals working in a cozy restaurant or by the sea. Snow-white sand, palm trees, happy people, and somewhere on a hammock a freelancer lies and leisurely types on the laptop. Beautiful picture, right? No wonder that 36% of the American workforce performed freelance work in 2021.

In order to achieve such a result, you have to decide whether you are ready to give up the team and work with the boss. Do you agree to make decisions on your own and be responsible for yourself? While starting your freelance journey, you should understand that it is always difficult to start and you will have to cope with a long search for a suitable project and complete tasks on your own, without the help of a manager.

If all these challenges don’t scare you, let’s discover the most popular freelance careers for 2022.

Top Freelancing Careers in 2022

If you have a question about what kind of freelance job is well-paid and in demand, you should understand that the search for a profession is not a bet casino where you can rely on luck, but a very responsible and serious process. Let’s analyze the top professions that are the most in-demand in 2022 and guarantee a good income:


Software Developer

The demand for the development of new applications, various tools and games is constantly growing. Many companies are looking for professionals in the field of programming to streamline routine business operations or create innovative products for customers. Thus, a good software developer would always find an interesting and profitable project to work on.

Digital Marketing Consultant

In the 21st century, digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing areas. This profession is a good source of income. A digital marketing freelancer can earn up to $100,000 and the compensation depends on the person’s skills, previous experience, and the scale of the project they work on.

Social Media Manager

In the modern world, social networks have become a good platform for business development and brand promotion. People are ready to hire entire teams of specialists who will help increase brand awareness and curate valuable content that would boost engagement. The responsibilities of a social media manager include managing a brand’s page, consistent posting, communication with the audience, etc. The minimum compensation for a freelance social media manager starts at $1,000 per month for working with one client.

SEO Specialist

SEO specialist helps businesses rank high on search engines for the relevant keywords. Companies spare no expense to ensure that an SEO specialist helps their business to be at the top and attract more customers. The more clients you attract through your work, the more income the business has, and, accordingly, your compensation is purely based on your performance.

Content Writer

Working as a copywriter is one of the fastest ways to get a freelance job. In general, copywriting is a good way to earn money for a beginner. If you choose such a career path, you need to constantly improve your writing skills, be well-aware of main technology trends and choose a specific niche you’ll be focusing on.

Start Your Freelance Journey Today

When starting your freelance journey, it is important to remember that choosing independent work has many difficulties that you need to go through alone. However, if you’ve made a decision to stick to this path some actionable tips would help you become a well-paid professional.

Focus on a specific niche. For example, if you are a software developer, it’s better to only work on projects in certain niches such as healthcare or enterprise development. This way, you would gain more knowledge about the niche’s specific challenges and would have more to offer to your clients.

Never stop enhancing your skills. There are lots of educational resources on Coursera, Udemy, SkillShare, etc. where you can upgrade your knowledge and refine your skills.
And always work only on projects you are passionate about. By choosing projects that you sincerely care about, you’d be more willing to come up with unique solutions and bring more value to your clients. Such an effort would be definitely appreciated and would result in increased compensation.

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