Top Combinations Withdraw From World Equestrian Games

International Eventing Forum 2017 - Sam Griffiths competing at Badminton 2015

Top Combinations Withdraw From World Equestrian Games

Some of the world’s top equestrian combinations have withdrawn from the World Equestrian Games (WEG), which will take place in Tyron, USA, between 11-23 September 2018.

Sam Griffiths, from the Australian squad, was the first top rider to announce his horse, Paulank Brockagh, will not be “fit to travel” to the WEG, after sustaining injury and therefore withdrawing his entry.

She (Paulank Brockagh) will recuperate and then be prepared for Badminton 2019. Sam and Team Griffiths wish the Australian eventing team the very best of luck.”

Micheal Jung, of the German squad, then announced his withdrawal. Jung’s world-silver medalist mare, Fischer Rocana FST, has missed final training sessions with the squad after sustaining injury to her fore fetlock, and will not be fit enough to compete.

I wish the German team all the best, success and a lot of fun!”, Jung said, announcing his withdrawal.

The Danish squad has also suffered blows to their team structure. First, Denmark’s major medal hope, Catherine Dufor withdrew European Bronze medalist, Atterupgaards Cassidy due to injury. Dufor was then replaced in the squad be reserve member Anna Zibrandtsen and her horse, Arlando. Less than a week later, the member of the 2017 silver medal winning team, announced their withdrawal.


My fantastic pal Arlando is so unlucky. I’m so sad to say that Arnie has unfortunately got lymphangitis close to departure for WEG in Tryon. That means we can’t work him until he’s 100% recovered; therefore we wouldn’t be able to participate at WEG,” Zibrandtsen explained.

The teams facing withdrawals will now call on their reserve squad members. Australia will promote Emma McNab up from reserve with 10-year-old, Fernhill Tabasco. The pairs most recent achievements are coming 9th at Pau and 11th at Luhmuhlen, this year. They will join Australia’s WEG preparation training, based in the UK, on the 30th August before flying to the competition on 5th September.

Germany will replace Jung with Sandra Auffarth, the 2014 individual gold medalist at WEG 2014 with Opgun Louvo. This time Auffarth will be returning to the WEG stage with 9-year-old Viamant Du Matz, commenting on his “ascending form from Aachen”.

Denmark will have to call on their second reserve, Rikke Svane with Finckstein.

Earlier in the year, substitutions were already being made within teams. Belgium withdrew their highest ranked combination, Jorinde Verwimp and Tiamo, the gelding failing a vet check at Aachen in July and since, not being able to get back to full fitness. Isabel Cool and Aranco V have filled the open position.

Portugal are also three riders down, after Daniel Pinto and Santurion De Massa withdrew, suffering injury identified at Aachen this year. Portugal may also travel without a reserve as Rodrigo Torres and 8-year-old Fogoso, have been given too short notice to make the journey to the games.


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