Top 6 Strategies for Winning Horse Racing Bets

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Top 6 Strategies for Winning Horse Racing Bets

Horse Racing opened up the sports betting industry. The sport dates back to 4500 BC as a popular sport among the Central Asian nomadic tribesmen believed to be the first to domestic horses. Since then, the sport has attracted a global audience leading to its popularity in the betting industry. Horse Racing is now a popular sport, with the 1989 horse race, for instance, attracting 50 million people and at least $9 million wagered.

The right horse racing strategies helps bettors increase their chances of making successful bets. Horse betting seems an easy task; simply picking a horse you think will be the first to cross the finishing line. In this article, we look at effective horse racing strategies. Read on for more information. Before picking your bets on online casinos, research your horse widely and wisely. 

Tips for Winning Horse Racing Bets 

1. Research your horses

 A horse racing analysis is paramount to making the right decision other than judging based on gut instinct. Look at your racing form and competition level.

A horse racing form, similar to the one used in football sports betting, gives you a historical view of the horse’s performance. The form provides valuable information in deciding which horse to place your wager on. Check out the distance covered, its going, and the latest race results and compare with other horses in the race.


The latest race results may give you a perceived winning probability coupled with the going, which determines the results. The going describes the horse racecourse track, for instance, heavy, soft, or firm. Different tracks have different effects on the easiness of horseracing. 

2. Don’t focus on your favorite

 Of all sporting events, horseracing is the most unpredictable. Your favorite will not always win because it is up to the task. The race is quite unpredictable, especially with exciting categories in the industry. Ever watched The Grand National horse racing? Such races are hard to predict due to the jumps involved.

When placing these types of bets, look at the most famous horses. Favorites win at most a third of the time. Outsiders are likely to do better and exit with a more significant profit.

3. Be aware large races are more profitable

Another critical strategy punters use concentrating on larger events. This is where you will find most punters. Large markets have better odds, thus an excellent platform for beginners. In large horse racing events there are several bookmakers with promotional offers that could benefit you.

Significant horse race events have more races, thus increasing your winning probability. For smaller events, your chances of winning a bet on the few race options are pretty limited.

4. Keep a proper betting record

 Best horse betters know how to keep records. Any information revolving around your bets is essential. This tactic is vital to help you analyse your betting strategies, in the end, to identify what is working for you and what will not. A proper betting record helps you make successful bets. Why do you place that bet? It’s good for punters to note the reasons behind every bet for easy analysis and profitability in the long run. 

5. Try betting exchanges

 Horse bets work best when using betting exchanges. A betting exchange allows increased flexibility to make winning bets. Betting against a horse has by far, better-winning chances. Bet exchange provides betting platforms for punters. They are entirely based on preset commissions for beginners.

6. Take advantage of the dutching system

 The dutching system is the most famous horse betting strategy. It is a skip system used by mathematically disposed people. This strategy allows you to bet and make wins following a selection of horses and a probability to cash out in every instant regardless of the result.

Dutching system follows a complicated mathematical model; hard to understand but easy to apply. The system dictates the amount you need to place on each bet and possible profits. The system dictates that you first enter the total betting amount for every selection chosen. In addition, punters must first find a race with a set number of runners, at least 10 runners and two of the top three ranked horses. Finally, punters need to calculate the implied winning probability following the listed odds.

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