Top 5 Dog Breeds To Be Around Horses


Top 5 Dog Breeds To Be Around Horses

Dogs and horses are herd species that like socializing with people and one another. These animals are very intelligent, meaning they respond well to training and can learn to live together harmoniously.

However, some canine species are more compatible with horses than others. Here we look at the top five dog breeds that will get along well with your horses.

1. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a happy-go-lucky dog breed that will keep you and your horses entertained. This breed adapts well to different home environments and can do well even on a ranch.

Golden retrievers are friendly animals that like spending time with other animals. They love pleasing their masters and will accompany you wherever you want to go. Golden retrievers are also compatible with other animals and are a good companion for kids. However, they are energetic and require plenty of exercise.


If you are too busy caring for the horses to walk them regularly, you can hire a dog walker to keep them engaged.

2. Corgi

Corgi breeds are the smallest of all herding canine species. They are medium-sized but are very smart and muscular.

They are friendly and adorable, keeping everyone in your family entertained and busy with their playful and funny antics. However, they are also some of the best watchdogs. They’ll alert you whenever there’s an emergency issue, even with your horses.

There are two different corgi species: Cardigan Corgis and Pembroke Welsh. Both the corgi breeds bond well with horses and other animals.

3. Border Collie

If you are looking for a smart puppy breed that can help herd your ponies, the Border Collie is your best. This species is a hard worker willing to learn and help its master. This fury friend will observe what you do and try to help out.

Once the animal learns how to herd your colts, you can sit back, relax and watch the pup do the job. Border collies are full of energy, which is why they prefer environments where they can exercise a lot. They also bond well with adults, kids, and other animals. They are the most intelligent of all canine species.

4. Australian Shepherd

This dog breed is the best if you have a ranch. Australian Shepherds bond better with ponies than all other species. They like keeping colts company, playing with them, and ensuring they don’t go astray.

Aussies naturally love herding, making them the best buddies to keep ponies protected. They are also highly intelligent, meaning you won’t spend a lot of time training them how to herd your ponies and keep your family entertained. This four-legged companion will make life on your ranch more exciting and fun.

5. The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees are relatively calmer compared to other canine breeds. That notwithstanding, they are very social and will bond well with your ponies. They also learn fast and are good at herding colts.

Once you train them well, they can give you time to relax as they herd the ponies. They have an impressive size coupled with weatherproof coats that keep them comfortable in all seasons. To benefit more from their company, make sure you train them well.

Final words

If you’ve been looking for a dog for your ranch or farm, you now have the answer. The dog breeds discussed above will not only keep you company but will also ensure your horses are herded well and protected.

Each species has its unique qualities, so you can pick one that perfectly fits your situation. You can train them to perform particular duties you’d want them to perform. Above all, make sure you take care of the dogs. Feed them well and ensure they are healthy.

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