Top 20 Excuses for not Riding Your Horse

top 20 excuses not to ride your horse

Top 20 Excuses for not Riding Your Horse

Now some of the excuses below are classed as perfectly reasonable, but when used as often as five days a week, someone may cotton on…..

See if you’re guilty of some of the below;

  1. It’s too hot/cold/wet/windy
  2. He looks lame
  3. I rode him yesterday
  4. I don’t think the saddle fits
  5. He’s got a loose shoe
  6. I’m so tired, I just have no energy
  7. I’ve got a sore ankle/foot/wrist
  8. The school needs harrowing
  9. He’s on a day off
  10. I’m running late
  11. He’s semi retired (aged 5)
  12. It looks like it’s going to rain
  13. I need to mow the lawn
  14. I’ve left my hat at home
  15. I wormed him yesterday, best give him a few days off
  16. He’s just been shod
  17. He looks upset
  18. The menage is in use right now
  19. He doesn’t look quite right
  20. I’ve lost my car keys….(possibly the worst one EVER)

One of our readers said “some of these sound familiar but they’ve missed…..

“shall we just have a quick cup of coffee!” ?

With thanks to Alison Grey

So if you’re guilty ‘throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care’ and say ‘yep that’s me’ (there’s been a few hands here already!)

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