This Esme joins World Horse Welfare as Patron

this Esme and World Horse Welfare Pony Duke

Equestrian influencer This Esme has become one of the Patrons of the international horse charity, World Horse Welfare. Esme has been involved with the charity for a number of years, including rehoming a pony and taking part in the recent Ride to Parliament to press for passage of the Kept Animals Bill. 

The story began when This Esme had struck a keen interest in keeping up to date with the antics and updates on World Horse Welfare Duke, a feisty little dappled grey Welsh Mountain pony with a big personality who was rescued as a foal in May 2020. Visiting World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Somerset for a filming appointment in 2021, Esme fell in love with tiny Duke, and after applying to rehome him, she received the happy news that Duke could join her at home. 

Esme said:

I’m so thrilled and proud to have been asked to be a Patron of World Horse Welfare. I’ve supported this excellent charity over the last five years and have seen first-hand the amazing work that they do. Rehoming the beautiful Duke from their Glenda Spooner Farm has been a wonderful experience – he is very loved! I very much look forward to continuing to support World Horse Welfare in the future as best I can.”

Roly Owers, World Horse Welfare Chief Executive said:


Esme is a good friend of the charity and we really look forward to working further with her, starting with a meet and greet event at our Belwade Farm in Aberdeenshire in August. Our Patrons come from across the horse world, including from less traditional backgrounds, and we believe our founder, Ada Cole, would support adapting to the times and embracing new technologies and ways of communicating to ultimately help improve the lives of horses in need around the world. We are so grateful to all of our Patrons for raising awareness of the charity and our work in their own individual ways.”

To meet Esme on Wednesday August 2nd for a fun-filled pony day at Belwade Farm, tickets are available Here.

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