This Esme and Emily Cole launch exciting new collection

This Esme X Emily Cole Collection a desk planner, diary and bookmark

Renowned influencer, creator, and YouTube star, This Esme has teamed up with illustrator Emily Cole to create a collection of stationery and prints featuring Mickey, Casper, Duke, and Joey, Esme’s popular horses and ponies.

The new collection comprises of individual coasters, sticky notes, a bookmark, a desk planner, prints, and greeting cards which are bound to be a big hit with Esme’s fans.

The journey into the creations started when Emily visited Esme’s base and spent the day there learning about the horses. You can watch Esme’s YouTube video about the day below.

Emily spoke of her enthusiasm for Esme’s work:


I’ve loved Esme’s work for a long time and adore the relationship she has with her horses, donkeys, and fans too,”

All her horses have such strong personalities and she knows them so well that I knew we’d be able to work together and truly capture them in drawings. It’s quite a responsibility drawing such famous horses that millions of people know and have a connection with through Esme’s content, but the response so far has been brilliant, so I think we did a good job!”

This Esme x Emily Cole Desk Planner
This Esme x Emily Cole Desk Planner

An excited Esme said:

I am so pleased with the collection. I’ve always thought my horses lent themselves well to being cartoon characters! I thought hard about what my audience would love and then worked with Emily, who brought the drawings and products to life. In this collection, there really is something to suit everyone, and you can see the personality of the horses coming through in each one- from Mickey’s tongue sticking out to Joey’s excitement in his matchy matchy. I love it all, and I’m so pleased my fans and followers are loving it too.”

The Emily Cole X This Esme collection is available through the Emily Cole website.

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