The Perfect Summer Riding Accessory


The Perfect Summer Riding Accessory

A common sight in any warm up arena is horse’s wearing fly veils. Otherwise known as ear bonnets or ‘hats’ to the less well-versed onlooker, this riding accessory is not just a fashion statement. It could just be the perfect summer riding accessory for the summer sun!

Working to muffle sounds, fly veils reduce sudden, sharp noises which can often result in a ‘spook’. Therefore, fly veils are great for not only competition, but when hacking to provide extra safety on top of hi-vis and reduce the chance of unpredictable and dangerous behaviour. Your horse should have your full attention, with less distraction from the outside world, to give you extra peace of mind.

Dulling surrounding noises, fly veils are perfect to make sure you receive the full benefits from hacking and schooling. They can also work to reduce distraction from pesky flies. Although, the right fly repellents can work fantastically to deterred bugs, with hot and sticky days, the potency of them can reduce and make horses prone to fly attacks by the end of your ride. However, as the days get hotter do we really want to put extra equipment on our horses?

That’s where the brand *NEW* Veredus Soundless Fly-Fringe comes to play!


The Veredus Soundless Fly-Fringe is made from breathable cotton to keep your horse cool, plus it is washable for those harder workouts! With the iconic Veredus logo on the front and a hand-crochet design, what’s not to love?

The ears are made out of a specialist sound-absorbing material, helping to keep your horse focus, dulling the presence of any distracting sounds. The ear coverage also works perfectly to keep flies away, reducing upset.

Priced at £58.00, the Veredus Soundless Fly-Fringe is completely worth it, it’s durable, luxury design lasting well beyond other leading brands.

For further information please contact Zebra Products on +44(0)1352 763350 or visit



Header Image; Veredus Soundless Fly-Fringe (Blue)


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