The Must Have Horse Apps 2022

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Alongside following major events on the calendar and watching an array of video-based content, lovers of all things horse certainly aren’t short on material in the modern world. One of the ways in which people soak up horse-related information is via a number of slick apps, too. 

These internet-based offerings provide a great deal of useful information and enable us to keep tabs on everything going on with these magnificent animals. In fact, the internet in general, gives us a wealth of information about the animals we love, ranging from apps that give us welfare tips to websites that provide information on the best bookmakers in Australia for horse racing, for example. Whatever facet of a horse’s life interests you, there is most definitely app for it, too. For example, people download products that cater for novice event riders, alongside other apps that might help someone track down a trusted local vet. 

While these types of apps aren’t necessarily for everyone, they do provide a beneficial service to others. Not only can they accompany us throughout a typical day, but they’re generally easy to use and offer an additional resource that might come in handy during times of need. With a number of horse apps being downloaded in 2022, we take a look at 4 suggestions below. 

Horse App 1 – Ridely

In need of an equestrian app that will add structure to your training routine and enable you to monitor any progress being made along the way? If so, then Ridely might be the app for you. As well as housing videos from experts in jumping and dressage, the app also enables riders to set any goals and smash them. Ridely’s in-depth stats help give a clear overview of progression. The app also comes with a handy integrated calendar that will help you to establish a routine and stay firmly on track. 

Horse App 2 – Horse Rider SOS

Horses can be unpredictable animals at times. In order to add an additional layer of security to your horse riding adventures, consider downloading the horse app, Horse Rider SOS. The app, which is well-designed and easy to use, is essentially a GPS tracker that will provide you with peace of mind when you’re out and about riding. It will monitor your exact location, while also notifying your chosen saviours should you show signs of danger, perhaps by staying still for too long or if you’re in a potentially dangerous location. If the app is sending warning signs when it shouldn’t, then you have the authority to override an alert, too. Horse Rider SOS provides an important GPS function that really could save your life one day. 

Horse Rider sos app image
HorseRider SOS

Horse App 3 – Horse Riding Tales

One of the many ways in which we utilise our smartphone devices in the modern world is by enjoying the thousands of games that we can sample on android and iOS phones. For horse lovers, Horse Riding Tales is a great option. An MMO adventure game, players have to catch a stray horse with a taming orb before building a stable and bringing it in from the field on occasions. As the game progresses, you can increase the number of horses you have and make various improvements to their environment. 

Horse app 4 – Nightwatch

A horse’s health can be tricky to monitor at times, particularly when you aren’t around. That’s where the horse app, Nightwatch comes in, as an app that helps users keep tabs on a horse’s health by providing real-time information on stress levels, heart rate, respiration, activity, and more. An innovative piece of technology, Nightwatch is trusted by horse owners around the world. 

Other options include Equilab, All Trails, Howrse, and Horse Quiz. 


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