The Lifestyle of a Horse Lover

The Lifestyle of a Horse Lover

Hoping ‘outsiders’ will understand the lifestyle of a horse lover would be like expecting a footballer to still want to play football on national minimum wage! True, we think so?!

There are some pointers for the non-equestrian enthusiast to understand from the outset, to help we’ve detailed these below;

  • We start and end our day with a horse….others have to fit somewhere in the middle

    Horses - The lifestyle of a horse lover
    Horses – The lifestyle of a horse lover
  • Don’t expect us to rock up clean, it’s just not going to happen
  • We will prioritise stocking the feed room over filling our own cupboards (unless we have children of course)
  • On the topic of children, we will shape our little humans into fully fledged equestrian enthusiasts by the age of one
  • We swear, A LOT!
  • Here’s a great tip; NEVER use the words “but it’s just a horse”
  • Expect tears and tantrums if we can’t fit into our best white or cream jods the day before a show
  • We talk non-stop horse! If the conversation isn’t about a one we’re not likely to engage
  • That holiday of a lifetime will be put to one side if the we need a new saddle
  • From time to time we may suggest selling up for an easier life but don’t get your hopes up as this isn’t likely to happen, chances are we’ve just fell off or the horse has thrown a strop
  • If we are super nice to you, it’s quite possible the horse needs something
  • Equestrians do celebrate their horses birthdays, gifts during this period are welcome
  • If you’re wanting to win an equestrian’s heart you could try mucking out, trying to ride or show interest in wanting to stand out in the cold two to three times a week.

So it’s clear to see the life of a horse lover or equestrian enthusiast if you prefer is a very simple place to be, as long as there’s one in it and you don’t mind!

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