The Horse’s Trust tackles obesity in showing

Obese horse grazing. Horse's Trust encourages health body condition

With the Healthiest Body awards in their fifth year, The Horse’s Trust is aiming to encourage show horse and pony owners, riders and producers to think about body scores and the health and welfare benefits of keeping horses at a healthy weight.

The awards, which give rosettes to those showing a horse or pony with a healthy body condition score (BCS), will be at a range of popular shows over the Spring and Summer, including Royal Windsor, Great Yorkshire Show, Hickstead and lower level local shows. The judging is separate to the class judging, which is carried out by a designated show judge. The Horse’s Trust Healthiest Body awards are assessed and awarded by vets or a suitably qualified person.

The Horse’s Trust is keen to find vets or suitably qualified people to be a part of the resolution to keeping horses healthy. If you can provide a vet or SQP to attend a show near you, please get in touch with Rachael at


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Katie Gilmour

Katie is a Webby and ESMA award winning multi-media journalist with an equestrian focus. She hosts the podcast Poles, Piaffe & Prosecco, which is free to listen to on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Katie lives on her family farm in West Sussex with her husband, four children and an assortment of horses, ponies, dogs, cats and poultry.

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