The glory and the grace : Cheltenham

2020 Cheltenham Gold Cup predictions horse racing

The glory and the grace : Cheltenham

Cheltenham races and festivals are known around the world. This time around as the entire earth is recovering from the effect of the pandemic, the event does not want anything less than the best Cheltenham race and fair events ever. The horse races and the betting is a traditional mark in the diary of Cheltenham history.

Betway provides an easy way to take part in the races while you are in the crowd. The bets that are placed on the horses can become a life-changing factor. The Cheltenham festivities occur approximately in the third week of March every year. This time there is an extra punch to it.

Challenge game show between West Ham players and Sports commentator Richard Hoiles!

At the onset of the occasion, Betway has initiated a great contribution to building up hype to the event. Four players have been rounded up in two pairs. The game is run by Hoiles himself. Team Ireland had Darren Randolf and Michael Antonio. Team UK has Jesse Lingard and Noble. The game starts with a very simple task. Draw a horse!

After a flurry of laughs and fits, Hoiles rules it a 2-1 in favor of team UK. This now heats the game. Richard now names the second game. In this challenge a former jockey and also currently a brand ambassador of Betway racing, Katie Walsh narrates a story. The story describes that her horse slowed down towards the end of her race and came to a standstill. Later on, someone had to come and take his reins to the finish line.

The rules here were pretty straightforward. It was to figure if Katie was making a false statement or not. Team Ireland made the wrong decision and it put team UK ahead further. The next challenge was to figure out a specific audio clip. The audio clip was of Richard commentating on a game. In the end, Ireland made the right guess and won the points for that one.

Now came the last and final challenge. This was a video challenge and players could choose between four horses racing and each player chose a horse for himself. In the end, it was Darren Randolf who came first and Antonio chose the one who finished 2nd. They received a blazing 15 points for this. This led to the end of the game show by Betway.

The role of Betway in the Cheltenham horse races is very important. The main point is that Betway gives freedom to the spectators to make their choice as to which horse they would want to pick before the race has begun. It gives people a sense of thrill and spirit. There is a very good chance that this year’s event can be better than ever.

People are waiting for events like this to happen so that they can begin exploring again and enjoy the feel of togetherness. All the enthusiasts are waiting to see the best horses tough it out on the race track, the best tickets being waved in the air and the electricity in the air





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