The Five Most Common Horse Breeds in Racing

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Discover five of the most common horse breeds used in horse racing around the world in our article here.

Horse Racing: A Short History

Horse racing is one of the ancient entertainment for humans that still exists in modern civilization. Historically, people used horses for honour, pride, power, courage, and speed. All these qualities and characteristics can be demonstrated in today’s horses, especially in the more advanced racehorse breeds.

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports that differ in format from home to abroad, but the basic requirements are the same. Horse racing is a competition between two or more horses where the game involves the participation of money and a party, in the form of betting. In the modern day, horse racing is now a huge public entertainment business, with thousands of racegoers visiting the races each year.

There are various horse breeds and ponies in the world, but not all are used as horse racing. Racing horses require some special features and features. Also, the most important thing is the reproduction history of that individual horse.


Race Horse Breeds: Arabian

Arabian horses are the most popular racehorse breeds in the world that have high intelligence, stamina, spirit, training, beauty and gentle nature. Arabian horses originated in the Arabian Peninsula and spread around the world by trade and war. Arabian horses are one of the most known or popular horses for racing nowadays.

Race Horse Breeds: Thoroughbred

The most prominent racehorse in the world is the Thoroughbred which originated in England during the 17th century by breeding a native mare with the Arab, Barb and Turcoman stallions. Many of us doubt that any pure breed horse is good, but basically it is a specific breed of horse.

Race Horse Breeds: Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse, Quarter horse is one of America’s oldest recognized horse breeds, named for the short run of the quarter-mile. It is the most popular breed of horse in the US and can run up to 88 km per hour. The characteristics of the quarter horse are healthy well-muscular bodies, small, small and refined heads, wide chests and powerful and round hind quarrels.

Race Horse Breeds: Standardbred

Standardbred horses are the world’s most popular harness race and fast trotting horse breed. The breed’s alternate name is Trotter Pacer, which originated in the United States. Standardbred typically weighs between 800 and 1000 pounds and ranges in height from 56 to 68 inches.

Race Horse Breeds: Paint Horse

Paint horses are very popular breeds of horses that originated in the United States. The American Paint Horse is highly popular and is known for its marking and excellent colour, intelligence, and unique refinement to make it the most preferred. Painted horses are used in performance competitions as show horses and for dressage riding too.

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