The Cheshire Bloodhounds and their VIPP (Very important pink person)


The Cheshire Bloodhounds and their VIPP (Very important pink person)

written by Roberta Coll

The Cheshire Bloodhounds hunting ground was graced with a rather unorthodox presence, in the shape of a rather pink, Katie Price. The Bloodhounds and Estate owners, Stuart and Shelley Parkin, successfully raised an impressive £4,000 for Cancer Research whilst filming with Katie through day caps and donations towards their chosen charity. The charity fundraiser was organised by the Bloodhounds and took place at Parkin manor in Warrington.

The Cheshire Bloodhounds were formed in 2013, by Charles and Julie Finney, they hunt from September to Mid-March; where they meet once a week on a Sunday at 11.30am. They cater for all abilities and offer an exhilarating opportunity to ride across rural country, over farm land that farmers have generously allowed the Bloodhounds access to. Along with cancer research, the Bloodhounds also offer strong support for many other charities such as: Macmillan cancer support, Northwest air ambulance, St Luke’s Hospice in Winsford, The Household Cavalry, R.A.B.I and The Pony Club. Hunting with Bloodhounds involves hunting “a clean boot” (a human), who sets a trail for them to track; it is similar to fox hunting, minus the live quarry.

Katie was filming for her new reality television series ‘Katie Prices Pony Club’, the original series will comprise of six novice riders, including two of Katie’s children; eight year old Princess and ten year old Junior, as they encounter a range of different equestrian pursuits. Along with the Bloodhounds, the show will also feature a range of disciplines such as show jumping, reining and dressage. Pricey’s pony club will hone their riding skills over the duration of the series, building towards a high-flying polo pinnacle.

Below: Katie Price during the hunt in Cheshire


Me and otto today ??

A photo posted by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

Katie is a keen horsewomen herself, as seen through images shared on her Instagram page illustrating the passion for horses Katie and her kids have. The model, turned Loose Woman panelist, proudly posts videos of all her children enjoying the benefits of an outdoor equestrian upbringing. The show will be set at Katie’s home in West Sussex (which is currently undergoing renovation), where Katie keeps a menagerie of pets including her five horses as well as four goats, four dogs, three pigs, one rabbit, one baby hedgehog, over 100 birds, not to mention her five children and husband Kieran.

Below: Katie jumping Otto at home

Love jumping my horse otto ❤️❤️??

A photo posted by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

The series, which is Katie’s first reality show in four years, will be comprised of six, 60 minute episodes and is produced by TLC. Previously known as Discovery Real Time, TLC will air the show over the summer. The show will delve into Katie’s love of horses, whilst providing entertaining and insightful viewing for those in the equestrian community and beyond.

To learn more on The Cheshire Bloodhounds visit their website

For more information on Katie Price’s Pony Club visit the TLC website

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