The Cheltenham Festival is in full swing

Cheltenham Festival is underway

The Cheltenham Festival is in full swing

The Cheltenham Festival has just started and the first day did not disappoint with punters seeing their favourite horses win the races that they were expected to win. Many gamblers used non UK casino when playing online to place their bets on the horses running at Cheltenham with the bookies providing some encouraging odds to choose from.

Horse bets

Horse betting has become one of the most popular bets that sports fans are placing with there being horse races taking place each day across the world, so horse racing fans are never short of options when it comes to placing horse bets and Cheltenham is one of the most popular horse racing events of the calendar year. Millions of us will be tuning in this week to watch Cheltenham whilst we are at home or work due to the event being so large workplaces are allowing staff to watch the racing and take part in it.

The Cheltenham festival this year has got crowds back due to the pandemic not allowing horse fans to the event in recent years, so it is great to see that thousands of us can attend the festival again with large groups of friends or family members.

Cheltenham is one of the biggest if not the biggest horse racing event across the world with thousands of people making the trip from different countries to come and experience the festival and place their bets to try and find the lucky winners. The first day saw Honeysuckle win for a second year in a row with most horse racing fans placing their bets on Appreciate it to win the race but Honeysuckle once again had too much in the tank to be beaten.



Day two is only a few hours off now and horse fans will be placing their bets once again to try and win some money on the second day of the festival which ends on Friday. Cheltenham has proven year after year that it is a great experience to have with friends as the festival provides lots of entertainment along with the races of course.

There are more of us looking to travel to Cheltenham today and for the rest of the week to ensure that we do not miss out on this great horsing event with there only being a few days left of the festival.



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