The Centre Line team up with Bret Willson

The Centre Line is delighted to announce their brand partnership with Bret Willson International. The relationship was formed after Bret and his fiancé, Rosie Moreton-Deakin had been championing the premium products. The Centre Line provides cutting-edge kit to ambitious riders through their online equestrian boutique, making them the perfect fit for Bret and Rosie, who are established dressage riders and trainers. The company puts all their products through vigorous testing and only distributes the high-quality brands they believe in.

Based in South-West England with offices in the USA and Europe, Bret Wilson specialises in locating and the sales of world-class dressage horses and ponies globally. He works closely with the best dressage stables and trainers worldwide, enabling him to find a selection of truly outstanding horses. He comes across many international brands on his travels and has a keen interest in finding products that can give his team the edge, not only looking for perfection in his horses, but that perfection needs to emulate the brands he chooses to work with.

He and Rosie also breed and produce their own dressage horses, most recently winning the NexGen 4yo Championship with Ivicii RMD ridden by head rider, Mark Forrest. The Centre Line provide outstanding customer service, attention to detail and top-quality products and were the perfect fit for Bret who prides himself on his discretion, honesty, experience, and professionalism. The two companies’ ethics and passion for quality and horses are perfectly aligned.

Brett and his team will benefit from Dominick Rugs, Scharf Girths and Lotus Romeo competition jackets, and sport The Centre Line branded merchandise at the many shows their horses compete at. The young horses will start their life on HiForm, giving them the building blocks for health, well-being and winning. Rosie will feature in the 2023 Lotus Romeo campaign alongside a close friend, Carl Hester. It’s an exciting new relationship that will mutually benefit both parties.

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