The best horse themed games that people can play

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Horses are some of the most magnificent animals on the planet. We’ve lived alongside each other for centuries and these animals have developed a bond with humans. Humans have used horses to help with agriculture and transport until cars became commonplace.

And ever since we haven’t needed them as much in our daily lives, they’ve become great animal companions. The only issue is that having a horse isn’t accessible to everyone. They take a lot of time and effort to maintain.

However, there are plenty of horse themed games out there that can give you a taste of what it could be like to look after a horse.


Whether you’re a horse fanatic or simply appreciate their beauty and strength, there’s a horse game out there for everyone to enjoy. Let’s take a look through some of the best horse themed games that are out there at the moment.

Best horse themed games

  • Star Stable

Star Stable is one of the best games for horse lovers as it feels like you’re looking after the real deal. Players can feel like they’ve got their very own horse as they look after and train their horses as you would in the real world.

You have to keep up with the grooming to ensure that your horse is well-kept and happy. You also have to complete their training so they’re ready to go on adventures with you.

Once you have trained your horse the required amount, you can go off on quests together. There are mysteries to solve as well as hanging out with other friends who are in the game.

This game is a great way to learn about how to look after horses, as well as playing with like-minded people. There are lots of different themes that change throughout the course of the year. You can explore the Halloween themed festival in the autumn as well as riding through the sun kissed fields in the summer.

  • Rainbow Riches: Race Day

If you’re less serious about horses but you’re still looking for a horse themed game, why not try out the Rainbow Riches: Race Day? Everyone loves the slots but this game is extra fun as it incorporates horse racing as well.

Even if you’re not seriously into horses in general, there’s something about going to the races that everyone enjoys. The atmosphere is always electric and the racing brings even more excitement to the day.

In this slot game, you have to collect the horse symbols in order to win. So it combines the best of both worlds – super fun slot gaming, alongside horse racing.

  • Riding Club Championships

If you like to take your horse riding a little more seriously, then you might enjoy Riding Club Championships. As the name suggests, this game is all about serious equestrian competitions.

You can help train the horses that you have in the game to make sure they’re ready for competitions. There are so many disciplines you can choose from. From show jumping and barrel racing, to pole bending, agility, and jump agility, you can make your way through all the equestrian categories.

You can choose your dream horse from a multitude of colours, patterns, and breeds. Who needs a real horse when you can create the horse of your dreams?

And it’s not just you playing the game on your own. There is a whole community out there that you can chat to whilst you play. You can make friends with people who also love horses and maybe make some new friends along the way. Meet fellow horse lovers from all over the world and learn as you play. 

  • Red Dead Redemption II

This game isn’t strictly all about horses but they play a massive part in the storyline. The game is set in the Wild West of America all the way back in 1899. This is when horses lived alongside us as well as helping us in our day to day lives.

Horses were how everyone travelled about and became lifelong companions to those in the Wild West. Red Dead Redemption II is the biggest game out there with the most horse content involved. It’s not so niche that it only applies to horse lovers but it’s definitely one of the most popular games with the most horse related gameplay.

One of the most wholesome storylines in the gaming world is the Red Dead Trail Rides. The map in this game is extensive and detailed so there is a group of people who do virtual meetups just to ride around the game world.

This proves just how much detail the game goes into and how relevant it is to horse lovers all across the globe.

Now you’ve seen the whole range of horse related games out there, which one do you want to play first?

Feature image: Image by ha11ok from Pixabay

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