The Best Horse Racing Tracks in the World

The Best Horse Racing Tracks in the World

Horse racing tracks are all around the world. But the best ones are located in specific parts of the world and we are going to explore all of them. With the craze around horse racing even going to the extent of creating online horse betting and more, one can only imagine what the future holds for this sport.

And if any thought has to be laid on to the future, you need to think about the past and the present. That is where historic and modern race tracks come into the picture. So without further ado, here are some of the best horse racing tracks in the world.


  • Churchill Downs


The race track that hosts the biggest horse race in America is sure to get all the accolades because Churchill Downs is one of the best put there. Since famous events are being conducted at this venue, you would expect people to come out in huge numbers and Downs has the place to accommodate all of them.


The Kentucky Derby, which is the biggest race event in America, attracts over 100,000 people to the Louisville track and in recent years, the numbers have only increased. Regardless, Churchill Downs can accommodate all of them.



  • Saratoga


Established in 1863, Saratoga is one of the most beloved venues for horse racing. It has been home to some of the best races in history and unfortunately, the track has also seen a lot of events that made everyone classify it as the ‘Graveyard of Champions’.


However, top races continue to be held on this historic race track and will surely go on for the foreseeable future. Considering when the track was established and all the races that have taken place, it is hard to think about horse tracks without looking at Saratoga.


  • Santa Anita


Santa Anita is another top horse racing track that was established in 1934. It has been nicknamed ‘The Great Race Place’ and in 1935, it featured its first-ever Santa Anita Handicap.


While that was certainly historic, the track has never been away from the frame of hosting such events even in the recent past. It is commonly known to have hosted the Breeders’ Cup over 10 times with the recent one being in 2019.


  • Royal Ascot


Located in Ascot, United Kingdom and established in 1711, the Royal Ascot is famous all around the world mainly for featuring historic races and events of the highest quality. The place is a massive attraction for everyone involved with top-tier horse racing and might continue to be placed among the history books.


The events that it hosts are popular all over Britain and some of them are also known to be premium social events.


  • Del Mar


Del Mar in California is another top horse racing track that is one of the finest in all of the world. It was founded by Bing Crosby and various other Hollywood A-Listers in 1937 and features a summer meet-up that other events could only dream of being.


Top horses and races have been held here, both in the past and present, as the event is known for creating history. From Triple Crown winner American Pharoah to Gun Runner, many horses have graced this event and done the impossible.


  • Belmont Park


Belmont Park or Big Sandy, located at Elmont, is one of New York’s most famous horse racing tracks. It is the home of Belmont Stakes, which is the third and final leg of the racing’s Triple Crown.


This particular race is only one of the few that is held at full lap all around the huge Long Island track.

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