Safety in the Saddle: Learning to Ride

Safety in the Saddle Coaching

Safety in the Saddle: Learning to Ride Written by Cheryl Johns, Owner & Founder of LiveryList Safety when learning to ride a horse extends beyond wearing a riding hat that fits, alongside the correct footwear. Insurance, qualifications and regulations should also be considered when choosing a suitable riding establishment, instructor or coach for you or your child. Taking all of this for granted may mean the difference between discovering the pleasure of riding to being put off, or even bucked off! Equally, those who provide an honest and reputable service…

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What Makes a Good Horse Riding Helmet?

Horse Riding Helmet horse rider wearing a velvet helmet

What Makes a Good Horse Riding Helmet? There’s a lot that goes into choosing a horse riding helmet. According to Tack and Bridle, to ensure a good choice, you would want to consider a helmet that fits your particular riding style. On that note, we’ll go over the different types of riding and the styles and features of horse riding helmets. In this way, you will know which headgear is safest and most suitable for your needs. Helmet Types for the Different Riding Styles When buying a horse riding helmet,…

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A Summer in the Saddle for Children with Disabilities

activity for disabled children

A Summer in the Saddle for Children with Disabilities A holiday activity can sometimes inspire a lifelong hobby and with many families choosing a staycation over a trip abroad this year, now could be the ideal time to have a go at something new. Finding an activity for disabled children and adults can sometimes be more of a challenge, with fewer options available. Horse riding is a great holiday activity and there are several Accessibility Mark accredited centres close to UK holiday hotspots. Accessibility Mark status is awarded to a…

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3 Horse Lungeing Exercises To Keep Them Listening

Best inhand exercises for horses

3 Horse Lungeing Exercises To Keep Them Listening Horse lungeing exercises can be very beneficial to incorporate into routine and can make sure your horse is actually listening to YOU. Starting with the basics is key, so your voice doesn’t get lost in translation when beginning more advance work, which could cause stress and upset for both you and your horse. To put you on track to success and getting the most from your groundwork sessions, we’ve put together three essential horse lungeing exercises you should master. Rein Back On…

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BETA Survey Lends Insight into Spending and Activity During COVID Pandemic

BETA Survey Results

BETA Survey Lends Insight into Spending and Activity During COVID Pandemic The findings of a new British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) survey provide a fascinating snapshot of the UK’s equestrian sector in the wake of a global pandemic. The survey set out to measure the impact of Covid-19 on riding and equestrian spending habits. It took place in December 2020 and January 2021, with 1,508 horse owners and riders providing input on their activities since the beginning of 2020. The detailed survey, commissioned by BETA and carried out by JDA…

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BHS Launch Horse i App to Report Incidents That Negatively Effect Safety

BHS Horse i app launched

BHS Launch Horse i App to Report Incidents That Negatively Effect Safety New Horse i App allows for incidents to be reported directly to BHS Findings to help BHS with future campaigns on Road Safety App free to use, reporting can take less than three minutes The British Horse Society (BHS) have launched a new app that enables equestrians to quickly and easily submit details of incidents that have negatively affected their safety. The free of charge new app, ‘Horse i’, has been specifically designed to empower equestrians to immediately…

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Best Body Protectors for Horse Riding

Best body protectors for horse ridingBest body protectors for horse riding

Best Body Protectors for Horse Riding Buying a body protector is an important aspect of safety for horse riding. Horse riding disciplines such as eventing and cross country require the use of a body protector for safety. Many horse riders choose to wear a body protector for their daily rides to prevent their body from serious injury should an unfortunate incident occur. A body protector will help to reduce the impact of a fall and help to protect the delicate parts of the body such as the rib cage, back…

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Lucinda Green’s Top Tips for Getting Back in the Saddle After Lockdown

Lucinda Green's Top Tips

Lucinda Green’s Top Tips for Getting Back in the Saddle After Lockdown This month we welcome eventing superstar, Lucinda Green MBE to talk about climbing back into the saddle after lockdown. For many of us, our horses have taken a break from competition this year and whilst some choose to give them rest over the next few months, a number will continue to keep their horses fit throughout the winter months, in preparation for what we hope will be a good spring. For a few, this may mean bringing our…

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Overcome Fear and Achieve Goals with Sandie Robertson

Sandie Robertson Mind Coach

Overcome Fear and Achieve Goals with Sandie Robertson Having a confidence crisis? Fear is one of the biggest problems that as riders and horse owners, can hold us back. But what if there was a legitimate way to break through those barriers so you are able to achieve your goals and enjoy the world of the equestrian sport once again? Sandie Robertson is a hugely successful, world-renowned equestrian performance coach, who helps riders overcome fear and be able to become their best selves once again, and that includes you! Sandie…

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RiderCise Exercise Programmes to Get Riding Fit


RiderCise Exercise Programmes to Get Riding Fit RiderCise looks to get riders fit to improve their own ‘way of going’ to ultimately help horses when under saddle… Looking to get riding fit, but not sure where to start? As riders, it’s important to work on our own fitness levels to improve our ability in the saddle. RiderCise exercise programmes offer the rider the ability to work on fitness and to tone the right areas needed for stability AND ability in the saddle, which ultimately increases the performance of the horse.…

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Becoming A Confident Horse Rider: Tackling Barriers

Mounting an ex-racehorse requires training to stand still

Becoming a Confident Horse Rider Becoming a confident horse rider is not easy! When it comes down to being a confident horse rider, two things can affect your outlook; your ability and your mindset. After time off riding, you might feel as though the reset button has been well and truly hit regarding your previous boldness in the saddle. So, what can we do to get back to our courageous riding ways? No matter how much time you have had away from the saddle, you horse knowledge is still in…

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Training a Horse to Hack Alone

Training a Horse to Hack Alone with Harriet Morris Baumber

Horse and Rider Training :: Everything Horse :: Magazine Reads (video below) Here event rider and trainer Harriet Morris-Baumber offers advice on training a horse to hack alone. Training a Horse to Hack Alone with Harriet Morris-Baumber Hacking out with your horse is one of the great pleasures of riding unless your horse sees a lion behind every tree, or performs a Grand Prix standard pirouette at the sight of a crisp packet. When advertising a horse for sale, ‘hacks alone’ is often seen as a positive sign of a…

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3 Exercises To Improve Your Riding

Exercises for an Ex-Racehorse

3 Exercises To Improve Your Riding Here are three exercises to improve your riding. Gym bunny or not, we could all do with some at home exercises to improve our riding! So, we’ve rounded up some of the best workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home. Tackling stability, strength and flexibility, whatever your riding goals, we have you covered! Improve Your Riding With… This yoga routine has been designed with equestrians in mind! Providing exercises to improve stability, strength and to release muscle tension, it is…

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Bringing Your Horse Back Into Work

How Often Should You Groom Your Horse For A Shiny Coat?

Bringing Your Horse Back Into Work Bringing your horse back into work can be a daunting process, filled with uncertainty, adrenaline and nerves. To make sure you are in the best place possible to start a-fresh, we have put together some things you should consider before bringing your horse to work! Get back in the swing of things and establish a routine that works for your own and your horse’s life. If they have been turned out 24/7, introduce periods of stabling. This will also pose the perfect opportunity to…

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3 Tips To Riding A Perfect Circle

The All England Jumping Course will host its first Premier League dressage competition in May 2021. Image (c)

Tips For Riding A Perfect Circle Riding a perfect circle sounds fairly simple. However, it is a manoeuvre where a lot of riders loose crucial points in their dressage tests. Riding a perfect circle is the foundations of equitation. Present in dressage tests all the way up the levels and a vital move in showjumping, cracking the perfect circle could put you in favour for a podium position. So to help, we’ve put together some pointers to get you on your way to circle perfection!   Bend One of the…

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Essentials: Hi-Vis for Horse and Rider Safety

Essentials: Hi-Vis for Horse and Rider Safety Here we take a look at Hi-Vis for horse and rider. Wearing ‘Hi-Vis’ (or hi-viz depending on your preference) gear is essential no matter what the season, this is why we choose to publish a selection of product features throughout the year. Weather, daylight and lack-there-of can cause difficulty for motorists and other road users to see you and your horse. With the vast array of products available there is no excuse why you should not be wearing at least two items of…

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Winter Horse Riding Jackets Feature AW19

winter horse riding jackets

Winter Horse Riding Jackets Are you ready for winter? Here’s a run down of winter horse riding jackets (AW19) for equestrians in, and out, of the saddle. Naturally, we’ve placed an emphasis on riding jackets that are waterproof, however, we have also included a few that aren’t, all of which we feel are still worth highlighting. Children’s Harry Hall Hartland Jacket Waterproof. From £29.49 Visit Amazon Covalliero Carla Jacket Waterproof. Priced around £78.00 Visit Zebraproducts Dublin Taurus Jacket Waterproof. Priced at £67.49 Visit VioVet Charlotte Dujardin Reflective Mercury Jacket Waterproof. Priced at £110.00 Visit Equisafety Covalliero Amina Coat…

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Askwith Short Riding Coat Review

This month we were delighted to welcome the Askwith Short Riding Coat in for trial, especially with the wet weather that continues to sweep the United Kingdom. Read on to learn more on our thoughts on this striking lightweight riding and country wear coat. Perfect for those summer showers, the Askwith Short Riding Coat from is your answer to staying warm and dry over the summer months.   The coat is comfortable, stylish and comes out true to size. There are lots of features that are tailored with the…

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Lightweight Horse Riding Jackets

lightweight horse riding jackets

Lightweight Horse Riding Jackets We all know horse riding is a hot and sweaty sport. With autumn on it’s way, we now turn our attention to lightweight horse riding jackets that’ll help keep the cold out and warmth in, without of course heating up too much – just yet! Here’s a run down of the latest, and most popular lightweight horse riding jackets that we think are worth your consideration. Ariat Men’s Team Softshell Jacket The Ariat Team Softshell Jacket is perfect for those days where the weather is unpredictable…

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Save Money on Horse Riding Lessons

Horse Riding School Memories - 15 Things You May Remember

How to Save Money on Horse Riding Lessons  Learning to ride a horse is almost as expensive as keeping your own. The cost of lessons alone can cost around £30.00 per half hour and that’s without looking at the cost involved in purchasing equipment. However, all is not lost, here we’ve looked at a selection of riding lessons available via Groupon, that may save you money when it comes to next climbing on board. Why use Groupon Groupon has been a household name for the last decade. Whether it be a…

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Top Tips for Rider Confidence

Rider Confidence comes from within

Top Tips for Rider Confidence #EverythingHorse You may have heard the saying ‘confidence comes from within’ but it truly does, and it’s especially true for horse riders. Here, former event rider and confidence coach Anna Morris of First Focus Consultants, gives her top tips for success this competition season….   Understand your emotions. Being able to understand and name your feelings and what triggers them will give you back control when you are emotionally flooded.   Focus on yourself not your horse. Concentrate on your breathing, relax your body, focus…

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Will he ever be straight?

Will he ever be straight!? Part 2 Training Series with Tor Fenwick Moving on from the initial steps of the Training Scale, here dressage rider and trainer, Tor Fenwick, concentrates on how to ride the young horse straight.   It’s the challenge that every rider faces at every level. The most difficult element to achieve in training is straightness. Straightness is the horses front legs and hind legs on the same two tracks and the head and neck in the centre of the chest… Straight. Sounds easy doesn’t it? However…

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Training tips and riding advice from the top GB rider and trainer Mary King… 

Horse Riding Tips from Mary King - Image courtesy of Liz Knowler Three good paces are-important

Here we’ve teamed up with British Eventing legend Mary King, for her top training tips and riding advice to help you prepare for the season ahead. Mary’s 10 Top Tips Allow plenty of time to warm up and cool down. Vary training work so horses stay interested and happy. Be thorough and methodical during schooling sessions, correcting all mistakes, ending on a positive note. Reward the horse with a pat and/or your voice when he goes correctly so it is obvious to the horse, like black and white, as to…

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