Germany rallies for short-handed victory in Budapest

Team GERMANY wins the FEI Dressage Nations Cup™ 2023, Budapest (HUN) - Chef d'Equipe BRINKMANN Fritz (GER) - STIEGLMAIER Franziska (GER) - WIDMANN Rudolf (GER) - MÜLLER Lisa (GER) - pc FEI/Łukasz Kowalski

FEI Dressage Nations Cup 2023, by Catie Staszak Germany entered the FEI Dressage Nations Cup of Hungary with a bit of added pressure. Prepared to start with a full team of riders, the squad was left short-handed following the late scratch of Lisa-Maria Klössinger. But no drop score would be needed, as Team Germany, with just three riders, recorded a comfortable victory under the tutelage of Chef d’Equipe Götz Brinkmann. The trio of Rudolf Widmann (Ferrari OLD), Franziska Stieglmair (Samurai 504) and Lisa Müller (Gut Wettlkam’s D’avie FRH) finished on a…

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