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Looking after your tack, not only ensures that it will stand the test of time but can also help prevent a nasty accident. This is why, we all need to keep an eye on our equipment. In this feature Tricia Bracegirdle, Senior Saddle Technician for Childéric Saddles UK gives readers her top tips and advice on keeping your saddle in tip top tack condition.



Your saddle is probably the biggest investment (After your horse of course!) that you will ever make, so looking after it is imperative!

Having regular saddle checks is essential for keeping your horse and you on the right track. These checks will help nip any issues in the bud before they become a problem (Physically or behaviourally). Cleaning and conditioning your saddle is key, you should make time at least once a week. Going over to check also for any wear or tear on girth straps etc is a must to keep you and your horse safe.


Store your saddle in a dry warm place, keep it covered and safe from getting knocked and bumped. Our saddles feature a traditional wooden tree so if you do drop your saddle from a great height you could risk damage to the internal structure of your saddle so its worth getting it checked out if this happens.

Store your saddle in a dry warm place, keep it covered and safe from getting knocked and bumped

Keep an eye on your stirrup leathers for wear and tear of the stitching. Watch the holes don’t become too big as this weakens them.  You should also check the tread on your stirrups to check that it still has some grip. This is especially important during wet and muddy conditions, where the grip will become compromised.

Check you stirrup leather stitching regularly
Check you stirrup leather stitching regularly

tack wear and tare - stirrup tread




Make sure that your girth is also comfortable for the horse and ensure you keep it clean. A dirty girth will cause skin irritation around this sensitive area. Leather girths should be cleaned with saddle soap and leather conditioner while checking for wear and tear on stitching. Top Tip: Allow the girth to dry out naturally.

Tack wear and tear - girth

Top Tip: For those who have stirrup irons which can’t be drawn up and need to be laid over the top of the saddle, we recommend customers use a double ended oven glove. Lay the glove over the saddle first, before crossing over the stirrup leathers on top with the stirrup irons resting in both of the mitts. It really does work and keep dust, dirt and scuffing off your saddle!

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