What’s Hot this July

Summer Horse Products

What’s Hot this July

Summer Horse Products Feature

Is this where we use the pun and say—not the weather? It’s true, though! However, none the less, there are still lots to consider in the warmer weather, including hydration, hoof care, and a little foot TLC. Here’s a quick round-up of top products this July.

Speedi-Beet – Offering Rapid Rehydration for Horses

Speedi-Beet from British Horse Feeds is a non-heating beet pulp feed that can provide rapid rehydration for horses whilst providing slow-release energy without the ‘fizz’. The soluble fibre in Speedi-Beet has a high water holding capacity increasing the amount of fluid in the horse’s hindgut. This reservoir can then be drawn upon during periods of exercise and warm weather to help replace the water lost through sweating.

Speedi-Beet can be soaked and ready to use in under ten minutes and is extremely palatable. It is low in sugar and starch making it an ideal fibre source for horses and ponies prone to laminitis as part of a balanced diet. Adding small amounts of Speedi-Beet to water may also help encourage horses to drink at events. Speedi-Beet is available in easy to handle 20kg bags and retails at around £12.50 – £13.50.

Innovative holders from Horslyx

The versatile Horslyx Holders are perfect for keeping the range of Balancers clean and accessible. Available in two sizes, both holders (pictured here) are designed to ensure that the Balancer blocks stay clean and free from mud, debris and hay so that they are easy for horses to access in both the field and the stable. Each holder is robust and designed to be used time and time again without breaking.

The 5kg Horslyx Holder (£38.00) is designed to contain one 5kg Horslyx Balancer in an easy-to-install robust plastic mount you can attach to a fence or internal wall of the stable. The holder includes a detachable restrictor grill which can be put in place for horses and ponies who might otherwise over consume their Horslyx Balancer.

The 15kg Horslyx Holder (£19.99) is a reusable and robust plastic holder designed to hold one 15kg Balancer block. It can be used for floor feeding on the stable or field, where it is simply placed on the ground in a flat area.

Vecta Personal Safe

NEW to the market for 2020 is the Vecta Personal Safe, ideal for keeping your vehicle keys, house keys and other valuables safe and secure when out competing or for a leisure ride. The safe easily fits within the confines of a horsebox and comes with its own signal-blocking Faraday bag, to help prevent the relay-theft of towing vehicles with keyless ignition.

Boasting a slimline profile, the safe is user-friendly as well as secure, opening automatically with a 4-digit customisable user code and closing with a one-touch locking mechanism.

The only safe in its class with UK Police Secured by Design accreditation, the Vecta Personal Safe has successfully undergone Sold Secure testing by the Master Locksmith Association.


FormaHoof, the revolutionary new hoof care and equine podiatry system, has been developed to tackle equine soundness from the hoof up and is designed to offer vets and farriers a highly effective, easy to apply and cost-effective solution to every hoof care challenge.

FormaHoof is a liquid fit, reusable mould process. The reusable FormaHoof mould is shaped internally with all the features of a healthy, strong, balanced hoof, including a concave sole, reinforced support for the heels and heel bulb region and an optimal hoof pastern axis. The mould is placed onto the horse’s hoof, and an adaptable polyurethane resin is applied to it. Once the FormaHoof AP resin has set, the mould is removed and the resulting hardened resin application then mimics a perfectly healthy hoof, offering protection, support and a fully balanced hoof.

Grub’s Midline Boot Ideal for Summer

Leading performance footwear brand, Grubs, have created the Midline boot ideal for summer days spent on the yard. Available in Violet, this trendy ankle-high footwear is the perfect boot for comfort and style.

Soft cushioning is guaranteed with the Midline boot as it has a Nitrocell™ footbed which consists of millions of microscopic nitrogen bubbles, giving not only an athletic shoe feel but also insulating the foot when it is cooler. Thanks to the Superdri™ technology, the boot wicks away moisture from the foot, removing that uncomfortable feeling of sweaty feet.

The boots are fully waterproof so if the hosepipe comes out to bath the horse, the wearers’ feet will stay dry.

Sizes 4 – 8 available in the Violet and 3 – 13 in Moss Green. RRP: £79.95.

Equine Products UK Add Yard Essentials to Existing Collection

The new Yard Essentials Collection, from Equine Products UK (EPUK), includes lots of really handy summer horse products; hay nets, hoof picks, headcollars and lead ropes – all those items that never seem to be on hand when you need them, particularly in a busy commercial yard. Replacement plungers for 5 litre containers ensure supplements, shampoos and other products can be measured out and prevent wastage. There’s even a useful 335m roll of plastic girth sleeve to help prevent transmission of skin diseases or infections from horse to horse.

In the Yard Essentials Collection, you’ll also find the incredible Epona Products Tiger’s Tongue groomer, a unique tool to easily remove dried on sweat, mud and dead hair in moments that’s only available in the United Kingdom from EPUK. Finally, the Himalayan salt lick provides a balanced intake of sodium, iron, potassium and magnesium for stabled horses.

SUPAlyx Garlic from Nettex

This garlic based molasses lick, from SUPAlyx is made with natural garlic oil and is designed to be fed all year round, especially in the summer months to help discourage flies and other biting insects. It may also help to stimulate the horse’s appetite and aid digestive function, making SUPAlyx Garlic a tasty yet practical treat!

Nettex SUPAlyx Garlic has numerous benefits, such as:

  • Vitamins, minerals and trace elements – Full of all the essentials required for skeletal growth, strong hooves, energy metabolism and a healthy immune system.
  • Diamond V XPC is a unique fermentation product that has been shown to positively affect nutrient digestibility and hind gut function.
  • Naturally sourced protein – the primary nutrient needed for the formation and repair of muscle tissue and is particularly important for growing young stock and lactating mares to help produce quality colostrum.

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