Strangles Hits North Wales


Strangles Hits North Wales NO Reported Cases on the Wirral!

Several cases of Strangles have been confirmed across North Wales, none have been confirmed on the Wirral!.

With Wrexham to Anglesey thought to be the worst hit, equestrian centres, riding schools and livery yards have tightened vigilance and in some cases have closed to contain the outbreak.

The highly infectious disease affects the upper respiratory tract of horses with symptoms often being mistaken for other respiratory conditions.

Symptons can include:

Nasal discharge

Raised temperature

Swollen glands

Difficulty in eating and swallowing



Rupture of an abscess in the throat region with puss

Difficulty in breathing

Some or all of these symptoms may be present. If you think your horse may be infected it is important to contact your vet and yard manager immediately.

To identify the disease a blood test can be taken.

On going disease control

Once horses have recovered from the disease, it’s thought up to 10% will remain carriers, this is one of the reasons why isolation of new horses to livery yards can be an effective measure in assisting in containing the disease.

Although not an airborne disease, infection is spread by direct contact. Strangles, when dealt with effectively can be contained and cases minimised.

This is only a very basic guidelines to Strangles, for more information please visit



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