Steven Schisler’s Love for Animals: How it Inspired His Culinary Career

Steven Schisler's Love for Animals: How it Inspired His Culinary Career

Steven Schisler is a man of many passions, and one of his greatest loves is for animals. From his childhood spent hunting and fishing to his current work with animal-assisted therapy, animals have played an important role in his life. But what many may not know is how this love for animals inspired his culinary career.

Early Life and Love for Hunting and Fishing

Growing up in rural Washington state, Steven spent much of his childhood in the great outdoors. He developed a love for hunting and fishing at a young age, spending countless hours with his father and grandfather in the woods and on the water. He learned the value of respecting and conserving nature, and this appreciation for the environment would carry over into his career as a chef.

The Inspiration for Culinary Career

Steven’s love for animals played a key role in his decision to pursue a career in the culinary arts. He was inspired by the farm-to-table movement, which emphasizes the importance of using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in cooking. He saw this as a way to honor the animals that had given their lives for his meals and to support local farmers who shared his passion for sustainable living.

Steven’s success in the restaurant industry is a testament to his dedication and talent as a chef. He has been instrumental in the opening of many restaurants, hotels, and dinner houses, and his culinary expertise has earned him a reputation as one of the best in the business. But despite his professional accomplishments, his love for animals remains at the heart of his cooking philosophy.


Animal-Assisted Therapy

Steven’s love for animals extends beyond the kitchen and into his work with animal-assisted therapy. He has seen firsthand the healing power that animals can have on those suffering from physical and mental health issues. Steven’s work with therapy dogs, horses, and other animals has been transformative for many of his patients, helping them to overcome anxiety, depression, and other challenges.


In conclusion, Steven Schisler’s love for animals has had a profound impact on his life and career. His early experiences hunting and fishing taught him to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the natural world, and his passion for sustainable living has inspired him to create delicious, locally-sourced cuisine. His work with animal-assisted therapy is a testament to the transformative power of animals and their ability to bring healing and joy to those in need. Steven Schisler is a true inspiration, and his dedication to animals and the environment serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting and protecting the world around us.

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